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Real World Learning

  • ENGAGE students in real world observation, experiences, and connections.
  • ENCOURAGE students to be creative and innovative.
  • EMPOWER students to take ownership of their learning with personalized inquiry
  • EMBRACE new frameworks for learning giving students the skills and freedom to initiate for change.



Welcome to Lone Tree Elementary

Lone Tree Elementary is a beautiful building and has always been a school with enriched environments. Free of the clutter of typical classrooms, our environments are both comfortable and engaging and set the stage for student-centric hands-on learning.

Flexible Spaces, Schedules and Roles are Part of an Educational Ecosystem that Works

by Kay Tucker


Modern schools need to look beyond their four walls, their set schedules, and the roles their teachers play, and create what is called a learning ecosystem.

School News

Lone Tree Elementary is a beautiful bu

Moving our school forward on a pathway to an aligned vision meant that d

As some of you may know, over the past year and a half  I have worked with Yong Zhao and a global team of writers to produce three follow-up books to be used as guides to implement his thinking as first presented in World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students (Zhao 2012)