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Student Opportunities at Heritage Elementary

Students at Heritage Elementary have many opportunities to get involved with different groups and activities throughout the year. If you are interested in any of the activities below, don't hesitate to stop by the school and ask for more information!

Extracurricular Activities, Academic Challenges and Projects

Accelerated Reader (AR) - (1st-6th) Reading comprehension tests are web based, but must be taken at school.  Scores and progress will be accessible from home.
Band & Orchestra ~ these instrumental programs will be presented as an option for all students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade.  Both ensembles begin their work together in September.  Students will have opportunities to perform at school, and with other schools in district events.
Caught In the Act ~ is a musical theater program designed for students in third through sixth grade.  Each year the show kicks off in February, with auditions for placement within the cast.  Every student who wants to participate as an actor or as part of the tech team is welcome.  The show will be presented in April or May of 2016! 
Chess Club - (1st-6th) Will be offered in our winter and spring sessions of our before-school Explorer Learning Camps!  All levels of ability are encouraged to register!
The Heritage Choir ~ this group is open to students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade.  The Heritage Choir begins their work together in August.  We participate in the Mountain Vista Choir Festival in September, and present a winter concert in December.
Critical Thinking/Reasoning Activities - (Varies by grade) Ex. Mindbenders, Figure it Out, Book Clubs, Problem Solver, Math Olympiads, Continental Math League, etc.
Junior Great Books - (1st-6th) An inquiry based reading curriculum that offers higher literacy opportunities.  The curriculum emphasizes discussion and interpretation.  Volunteers are needed to facilitate small groups.  Contact Amanda Frasier if you would like more information on this program.
Sixth Grade Bell Choir ~ Students in third through sixth grade play bells in music class.  This group is another auditioned group from sixth grade.  Students will have an opportunity to go through the audition process which is embedded in our regular music class schedule.  The 17 students with the highest score will be invited to prepare and present a Bell Choir concert in the Spring.
Sixth Grade Honor Choir ~ Honor Choir is an auditioned group.  Traditionally the sixth grade students who have participated in 2015 Heritage Choir will have an opportunity to audition for Honor Choir in January.  The top 10-12 students selected through the audition process will represent Heritage Elementary in a District Level Honor Choir concert in February, performing with 150 other sixth graders from around Douglas County. 
Student Council - (4th-6th) Students apply to participate in this group of student leaders who perform service projects, raise money for the school, and plan Spirit Days for the school. Please contact Kelly Bruetsch for more information.
Student Leadership - (6th grade)  Students apply to participate in these leadership opportunities.  They facilitate the monthly school assemblies and contribute to the community in a variety of ways.
Science Fair - (Required for 5th grade; optional for all other grades)  The Science Fair showcases student prepared experiments and projects demonstrating a scientific principle.  
Battle of the Books - (3rd-6th) Competition requiring extremely careful reading of pre-selected texts and participation in preparation and competition.  Two teams of 5 plus 2 alternates. Heritage has one team representing 3rd-4th grades and one team representing 5th-6th grades.  Please contact Sue Antonsen or Jillian Holtz for more information.
Destination ImagiNation - (1st-6th) Teams of 7 participate in this extracurricular activity.  Destination Imagination's educational goals are to foster creative and critical thinking, to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills, and to nurture research and inquiry skills involving both creative exploration and attention to detail. Parent volunteers serve as team facilitators.  See Tiffany Platt for more information.
Math Olympiad - (4th-6th) Math clubs meet weekly for one hour sessions to explore a math topic or strategy.  The highlights for students are the five monthly contests, given from November to March. These contests provide an incentive for students to intensify their study of math.
Spelling Bee - (4th-6th) National spelling contest.  Qualification through pretest for school competition.
6th grade Hexathlon