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6th Grade Leadership Teams

Description of the Ambassador Role:

Is a leader in the school who is willing to attend school events as a helper.  Is a positive role model with their behavior for all students in the building.  Willing to present at Community Gatherings as well as teach or work with younger students.  Our work will focus around leadership skills including the seven habits of highly effective people. 

Description of the Beacon of Honor Role:

Is a leader who wants to demonstrate and help others to become good stewards of our U.S. flag.  This role is part of a tech-driven, civic-minded project that develops patriotic students at Heritage, other schools within DCSD, and beyond.  You will develop and use STEAM (software programming and hardware building) skills to build and deploy Beacon of Honor devices and mobile app content, create an engaging morning announcement ceremony leading up to and making the Pledge of Allegiance more meaningful for students, and learn to raise and lower, as well as, properly fold and care for the U.S. and Colorado flags on the outside flagpole.  Your leadership will focus on making better informed and inspired citizens throughout our Colorado community.

Description of the Bullying Prevention Team Role:

Students will put together video presentations on Bully Prevention to present at Community Gatherings.  They will also work with teachers and present to classes different strategies to prevent bullying in our school.  Students will put together a survey for students to take regarding bullying.   You will be the leaders and role models for modeling anti-bullying in our school.

Description of the Exhibition Team Role:

Is a leader who is passionate about art and is interested in choosing student work to represent our school at community events and competitions.  The team will help maintain the art room and resources.  The exhibition team will learn how to critique, select and rotate art for display around our school.

Description of the Healthy Living Pathway Role:

Students will lead the exercise and health education at Community Gatherings.  This group will maintain the Walk or Wheel on Wednesday program by making announcements of the class winners each week and planning an end of the year celebration for our schools' achievements.  Students will come up with a plan for a healthy school environment and share with the school community including staff, students, parents and the local community.  This group will work on improving the overall health of our school population. 

Description of the Literacy Leader Role:

Is a leader who is passionate reading!  As a literacy leader in our school you will help maintain our learning commons.  You will help decide which books we will purchase for our learning commons area. If you like checking books out and checking books in, this is the leadership role for you!  In addition, you can help shelve books and design learning spaces for our students.  Literacy leaders will also get the opportunity to read to kindergarteners, inspiring our young students to LOVE literacy too!

Description of the School Blogger Role:

Is a spirited leader who enjoys writing current events happening at Heritage Elementary. Your position will help you become a leader in writing, and sharing great things happening at Heritage from a student's view.  You will be expected to attend meetings, contribute monthly to this blog. 

Description of the Sustainability Team Role:

Is a leader who is passionate about animals and gardening.  The group plans and participates in Farmers Markets, Community Gathering presentations, and most of all working with the Heritage Hens in order to help with chicken coop visits.  In the spring we will assist in the care of the baby chicks hatched by the 3rd graders.  By the end of the year this group will create a planting plan for next year.  We are also taking on the role of creating/maintaining a Native Colorado Garden/Habitat!   This part of the garden will continue to grow and mature each year, providing an area for classes to explore and learn! Is a leader who is excited about inspiring the Heritage community to reduce the school's waste. The group will establish, lead, present and maintain the new recycling project and maintain the cafeteria recycling program.  This will include community gathering presentations, as well as, presentations to Eco-Schools and Green Up our School. This team will be working on energy usage saving ideas that can be implemented and shared with our school community.

Description of the Tech Team Role:

Is a leader who is passionate about helping students and teachers with technology in the classroom setting.  Is willing to learn how to repair and maintain the school technology resources.  The tech team will update computer software, and image computers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to review and help select appropriate apps for Heritage Elementary School.

Description of the Video Team Role:

Is a creative leader who is passionate about video production. Video News producers may work in several different media, including a weekly online news production. These students will create the content of the news and events happening at Heritage. Job duties include writing news stories, selecting footage to include in broadcasts and reviewing sound bytes in order to ensure smooth composition and flow of the newscast.