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Open Enrollment

Applications for the first round are accepted November 1 through January 5 annually*. 
A Second Round Enrollment process, as outlined in the policy, runs February 15 through June 15 annually*. 
Students who move into the district may apply to attend a school other than their neighborhood school through the
Student Choice Option.  Completed Student Choice applications are submitted to the requested school and may be
approved as soon as practicable by the principal if there is space available and no other students at that grade level remain 
on the wait list established in round one or two of open enrollment.
Wait lists, which are prioritized according to regulation JCA/JFB-R, will be created if applicants exceed space available at 
the requested school.  If a student is not accepted at a school during the first round choice enrollment, the student will 
remain on the school’s prioritized wait list and be carried over to the second round choice enrollment. 


More information can be found on the Enrollment and Choice web page including the newly approved policy and regulation. 
The Open Enrollment web page also includes a brief paragraph about each of the new processes and an updated FAQ.
Please contact Kristin Schmidt at 303-387-9506 if you have questions.  
*unless either day is not a school day