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Digger Dash Dollars

We have kicked off one of our favorite school traditions - the Digger Dash!  GRE's annual fun run is enjoyed by students and staff alike because it is fun and it supports our school.  This year we are continuing to raise money for our S.T.E.A.M. lab.  Students began working collaboratively on integrated science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics projects in this lab when it opened last year. Some of the students' favorite projects included creating and coding robots and exploring science concepts, such as force and motion, using Legos.    
This year we are looking forward to expanding the resources we use in the lab and supporting our commitment to providing each student with his/her own device.  This year we will be purchasing more kits that so that students can build and create in even smaller groups.  We are also looking forward to adding a new robot to our collection - the EV3.  Click here for a video demonstration of one of the many things he can do.
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