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2014-15 SAC Notes

Meeting Notes 4/16/15
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Meeting Notes 2/5/15
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We discussed the following topics this week:
·      Chambers Road Expansion & Student Crossing Options for Spring of 2016
·      District Master Capital Plan
·      Budget Priorities for 2015-2016

Meeting Notes 11/6/14 

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The SAC committee reviewed our spring TCAP results, our school improvement goals for the year and parent data regarding the beginning of the year events.  We celebrated the fact that we were meeting expectations for student achievement and growth in reading, writing and math.  In math we exceeded in the area of growth.  As you recall, student achievement refers to the number of students who score proficient and advanced where growth focuses on the amount students grow in all categories. 
In an effort to strengthen our practices even further, we set the following school goals for this year:
1) Implement three Lucy Calkins’ units with fidelity (narrative, information, opinion) and naturally integrate the 4c’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) and 21st century skills (financial literacy, civic responsibility, global awareness, problem solving, systems thinking) into instruction.
2) Implement reading comprehension in all content areas (literacy, social studies & science).

These goals will increase the rigor of instruction and allow us to meet each child’s unique needs. Click here for additional information presented at the meeting.



Meeting Notes 10/2/14

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Our SAC committee used GRE literacy and technology practices to review the District’s three- year strategic plan.  We discussed the four primary goal areas (see below) and how our work aligns to the District goals.  For example, we talked about how our two primary school goals -implementing Lucy Calkins’ three writing genres and integrating reading strategies into other content areas - align to the District goal of World Class Education, which ensures higher-level instruction that prepares students for the future.  I look forward to sharing more about our efforts throughout the year.  Click here for the District's strategic plan. The powerpoint presentation from 10/2/14 is attached below. Inside the powerpoint there are multiple videos that capture student voices at GRE.