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Keven Allen - Building Engineer
Keven.Allen@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Kathy Boerth - Occupational Therapist

Kathy Boerth has been an Occupational Therapist at Eldorado Elementary for 6 years and with Douglas County for 9 years. She also works at Trailblazer Elementary and Redstone Elementary.  

Lori Bowen - Teacher - 2nd Grade
lori.bowen@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Lori Bowen has worked for DCSD for 14 years. She has been teaching first grade at Eldorado for all 14 of those years. Prior to teaching in Douglas County she taught in Austin Public Schools for 3 years, also teaching 1st grade. Lori has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Texas with a specialization in Life and Earth Science. Lori sits on the School Accountability Committee (SAC), is a Quality Assessment Leader, and on the CITE 6 Committee. She has also served as a member of the Eldorado Student Assistance Team, and the Eldorado Leadership Team in the past.  

Jackie Carland - Learning Specialist

Jackie Carland has been teaching moderate needs students at Eldorado Elementary for 13 years.  Prior to teaching in Douglas County she taught in Rock Springs, Wyoming for 7 years.  She works with students and teachers in grades K-6.  Jackie is the team lead for the special education team, a member of the Learning & Leadership Team and is one of Eldorado's Personalized Learning Leaders.

Michael Carlson - Assistant Principal

Michael (Mike) Carlson is proud to be the new Assistant Principal at Eldorado. He holds master’s degrees in educational leadership and public administration. Mike was previously a classroom teacher for seven years in Englewood Schools, teaching mainly third grade. He then served as an instructional coach in Sheridan before coming to Douglas County. Mike studied abroad in Costa Rica and while teaching, spent a month exploring Japan on a study tour sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the Fulbright-Hays Foundation. 

Nicole Cimbura - Teacher - ESL
Rebecca Collins - Instructional Interventionists
Mary Pat Coultas - Teacher - Art
MaryPat Coultas has been a classroom teacher in DCSD for 18 with the last 7 years as an Art Teacher at Eldorado Elementary. Prior to Colorado, she taught in New York, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas.  She has a Masters in Creative Arts & Design.  Mrs. Coultas is a member of the PRIDE Committee at EE.   She teaches an enrichments class after school called Paint by heART and heads up the Annual Art Auction every year.
Jenee Cummings - Registrar
jcummings1@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Chelsea DeFelice - Teacher - 1st Grade

This is Chelsea DeFelice's third year teaching at Eldorado. After getting her bachelor's degree in psychology at CU-Boulder, she obtained her teaching license and master's with the University of Phoenix. She has taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade in Colorado Springs and here in Douglas County. She is currently on the Learning and Leadership Team and the Eldorado Leadership Council. 


Karen Dowden - Eldorado All Stars - Staff
karen.dowden@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Nicki Eaton - Educational Assistant
nicki.eaton@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
​Cheri Epps - Learning Specialist
Cheri.Epps@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Sue Ferguson - Teacher - Physical Education
sue.ferguson@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Sue Ferguson has been teaching at Eldorado Elementary for 8 years and in Douglas County for 17 years.  Prior to teaching in Douglas County she taught in Denver Public Schools for 5 years.  She is the State Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart Coordinator with the American Heart Association and serves on the Board for her Professional organization COAHPERD, Colorado Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance.  At Eldorado she is  a teacher representative to the PTO and also helps sponsor the Eldorado Student Council.

Lindsay Givens - Teacher -1st Grade

Lindsay Givens has been teaching at Eldorado Elementary for 5 years and in Douglas County for 12 years.  She has also taught in Harrison School District 2 in Colorado Springs for three years.  She believes in being a life long learner with her degree in Communications from Colorado University and a Masters Degree in Arts of Education and Learning from Regis University.  At Eldorado she is the kindergarten representative to the PTO and EAC.

Susie Grant - Child Find - Social Worker
susie.grant@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6390

Susie Grant is the social worker on the Child Find team at Eldorado. She has worked in DCSD since 2002 with students and their parents in preschool through elementary school.   Susie earned her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and graduate degree from the George Williams College of Social Work at Aurora University.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the School Social Work Association of America. 

Xan Gregory - Librarian
xan.gregory@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Kelly Grossnickle - Teacher - 2nd Grade

Kelly Grossnickle is a 2nd grade teacher at Eldorado Elementary. Kelly was Kindergarten E.A. for two years. She then went back to school for a year to earn her teaching license and came back to Eldorado as a long-term sub in 2nd grade for a year. Kelly was then offered a Kindergarten position in 2008. Kelly also earned her Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri. 

Haley Harder - Instructional Interventionists
haley.harder@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Heather Harris - Teacher - Kindergarten Half-Day
| 303.387.6325
Julie Holtz - Teacher - 4th Grade
julie.holtz@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Julie Holtz has been working at Eldorado since it's opening in 2001. Prior to that, she taught at Pine Grove Elementary in Parker for two years. She started her career in Houston, Texas where she taught kindergarten and pre-kindergarten for six years.  She went to the University of Northern Iowa for her undergrad work in early childhood and elementary education degrees.  She got her master's from Walden University with an emphasis in literacy.

Heidi Johnson - Teacher - 3rd Grade
heidi.johnson@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Heidi Johnson has been teaching at Eldorado Elementary for the last five years in Kindergarten and third grade and in Douglas County for 14 years in first, second, fourth and fifth grades.  Prior to teaching in Douglas County she taught in Littleton Public Schools as a Literacy Specialist and then in Arizona as a preschool and third grade teacher.  She was a Digital Educator from 2006-2007. Heidi has served on the technology and change agent committee's and is currently involved with the learning and leadership, CITE 6 and PRIDE teams at Eldorado.

Bekah Kenedy - Educational Assistant
rkennedy@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Christine Kern - Teacher - Kindergarten

Christine Kern has been working in Douglas County School District for fifteen years now.  She worked as a Kindergarten Educational Assistant for five years and has been a Kindergarten teacher for the past ten years at Eldorado Elementary.  In 2003, she earned a B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies/Literacy and Teacher certification from Adams State University.

At Eldorado she is a representative on the EE Technology Committee, the RTI (Response to Intervention) team, the Eldorado Community Garden, and the Social Committee.  She is inspired to create a positive, enthusiastic, warm and caring learning environment that establishes lifelong learners. 

Kay Kireilis - Teacher - Music
kay.kireilis@dcsdk12.org | 303.383.6325
Kay Kireilis was part of the staff that opened Eldorado Elementary in 2001 teaching General Music, Choir and Orchestra and this is her 14th year at Eldorado!  She serves on the Eldorado leadership committee, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Orff Schulwerk Association where she and the Eldorado orchestra students performed in the opening concert at the National Orff convention at the Belco Theater in Denver last year.  She was previously the Orchestra director of the ThunderRidge High School feeder elementary schools and she also taught at Colorado College and Fountain Valley High School in Colorado Springs. As a violinist, Kay has performed in the Colorado Springs Philharmonic since 1984 where her positions have included Principal Second Violin and Assistant Concertmaster.  She also performs with the Colorado Chamber Orchestra and has been a member of the  Colorado Ballet, Breckenridge Music Institute, Ft. Collins and Colorado Symphonies, and the Sunriver Orchestra in Oregon.
Lily Klocker - Health Assistant/Office Clerk
lklocker@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Marianne Kokes - Teacher - 2nd Grade

Marianne Kokes is a 2nd grade teacher at Eldorado.  She has been involved in education for over 20 years. In addition to 1st grade, Marianne has taught sixth grade in middle school, 5th and 6th grade and kindergarten.  She resigned her teaching position for eight years to stay home with her children.  Marianne taught kindergarten at Eldorado for seven years, and then in the 2013-2014 school year, she lead a kindergarten/1st grade combination class. 

Katy Kollasch - Principal - Eldorado Elementary
Katy.Kollasch@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Katy Kollasch been the proud Principal of Eldorado Elementary since 2013. Her career in education began in 1998 following an undergraduate degree in Consumer Science and a post-graduate certificate in secondary education from the University of Wales, Cardiff. Katy spent 10 years as a teacher in Wales, England, North Carolina, and Colorado. Following a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix, Colorado Springs, she became an administrator in Douglas County School District in 2008. Following four years as the Assistant Principal at ThunderRidge High School (TRHS), Katy was honored to be selected as the Principal at Eldorado and is thrilled that she is still a member of the TRHS Feeder! She is passionate about providing opportunities for students to be curious and is committed to developing the 'whole child' (physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially) through a series of real-world experiences that inspire and encourage empathy. 

Michelle LaGarde - Instructional Assistant RTI Intervention
mllagarde@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Megan Long - Teacher - 4th Grade
megan.long@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Megan Long is continuing her teaching career at Eldorado. She came to Colorado from Texas with five years teaching experience with the Northeast Independent School District. She attended Texas State University-San Marcos, and received her Bachelor's of Science degree with focus on Interdisciplinary Studies and a major in Elementary Education. Her passion is teaching and watching children blossom into young thinkers. She is a life-long learner and strives to instill her love for learning in all of her kids.
Liz Lopez - Eldorado All Stars - Director
Emily Lucero - Eldorado All Stars - Staff
emily.lucero@dcsdk12.org | 303.383.6325
Jen Massey - Child Find- Speech Pathologist
jrmassey@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6390
Karla Maynard - Teacher - 5th Grade
karla.maynard@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Karla Maynard began teaching fifth grade in 1992 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin.  Since that time, she has taught second through sixth grade and loved them all!  She has been at Eldorado since it opened in 2001.  She took a break in 2004 to stay home to raise her two children, Grace and Joseph.  She returned to Eldorado in 2009 and has loved being back in the classroom.  In addition to teaching, she is part of the Student Council team and also serves on the Eldorado Leadership Committee.  

Inga McAllen - Teacher - 3rd Grade
inga.mcallen@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Inga McAllen has been an elementary school teacher for 23 years. She started teaching 1st and 2nd grade students in the Chicago area shortly after she graduated  from college in 1990.  In 1995, she moved to the Denver area and took her first job in Douglas County.  She has been an educator in Douglas County for 17 years, having taught Read to Achieve (a grant-funded reading program), 4th and 5th grades, 2nd grade, and now 3rd grade. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas in Elementary Education. In 1996, she became part of a Douglas County Cohort group and received her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado. In addition to her regular teaching responsibilities, she works with a team of Douglas County teachers building awareness around healthy schools and healthy living and she is a part of the of the PRIDE planning team. She is also an advisor to Student Council here at Eldorado.


Sharon McMillan - Child Find - SPED Occupational Therapist

Sharon Mcmillan is an Occupational Therapist who has been working in DCSD for seven years, first as a Preschool OT, and currently as  Child Find OT.  Prior to moving to Colorado, she has worked for school districts in the Chicago area for thirty years, working with all ages of students. 

Emily Montgomery - Social Worker

Emily Montgomery is the school social worker at Eldorado Elementary. This is her first full year at Eldorado after starting her position in March 2014. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver and her Bachelors of Social Work from Colorado State University. She spent a year interning as a school social worker at a middle school in Jeffco Public Schools and previously worked at an adolescent mental health treatment facility, a respite facility for children with special needs and a nursing home. Emily is a member of the PRIDE team, one of the two Personalized Learning Leaders for Eldorado and is a member of the Learning and Leadership Team.

Barbara Nazarenus - Teacher - 6th Grade
Barbara Sclafani Nazarenus is currently teaching sixth grade at Eldorado Elementary.  She has been teaching at Eldorado since the school opened in 2001.  Prior to that, she taught at Trailblazer Elementary which is also located in Highlands Ranch for one and a half years.  Her teaching career began in Broward County, which is located in South Florida. She taught in Florida for 11 years before moving to Colorado.  She attended the University of South Florida where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.  She obtained her Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. She has experience teaching in grades one through six.
Debra Newby - Preschool A - Educational Assistant IV
debra.newby@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6348

While in college Debra Newby studied Early Childhood Development. In 1999, I was working in the Severe Special Education Department at Coyote Creek Elementary with children from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Debra changed jobs in 2005, to the preschool and worked at Rock Canyon High School for three years, Arrowwood Elementary for 5 years, which she loved. Debra is now here at Eldorado Elementary which she is very excited about and looking forward to working with your children.

Keith Nomis - Teacher - 6th Grade
keith.nomis@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Keith Nomis has been teaching in Douglas County at Eldorado Elementary for 8 years.  Prior to Douglas County Keith taught 6 years in Arizona and 2 years in Colorado Springs.  He has a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in curriculum instruction.  At Eldorado he is a 6th grade teacher (science and social studies) and also a teacher representative for student council.

Emily Penrod - Speech/Language Pathologist
Emily.Penrod@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Jerri Puralewski - Instructional Assistant - Technology
jpuralewski@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Lizzie Ratliff - Preschool A - Early Childhood Instructor
emratliff@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6348
Jan Richards - Pre-School B - Early Childhood Instructor
jan.richards@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6361
Sara Rigato - Teacher - 4th Grade
sara.rigato@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Debbie Robinson - Teacher - 5th Grade
Lisa Rochford - Kitchen Manager
lrochford@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Jill Ruppel - Educational Assistant III
jill.ruppel@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Lisa Sandy - Teacher - 6th Grade
lisa.sandy@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Lisa Sandy currently teaches sixth Grade at Eldorado Elementary.  This is her seventh year at Eldorado, four years teaching Sixth Grade and three years teaching Fourth Grade. Prior to Eldorado, Lisa taught Fifth and Sixth Grades in Parker, and Fifth Grade in Irving, Texas. While at Eldorado, she has served on the Eldorado Leadership Team and this year is a member of the PRIDE Committee as well as a Mentor to our Anti - Bullying Club.  

Natalie Schunk - Pre-School B - Early Childhood Instructor
Kacie Stuart - Teacher - 5th Grade
kacie.stuart@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Anne Taylor - Teacher - 3rd Grade
anne.taylor@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Anne Taylor is a third grade teacher at Eldorado. Anne a fully credentialed teacher and proudly holds teaching certificates in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Gifted and Talented Education.  She has 20 years of experience teaching kindergarten through sixth grade.  Anne has worked for DCSD for six years teaching Discovery Reading to 2nd-6th grade students, 2nd and 3rd grade general education, and as a Learning Specialist for students in the 4th-6th grades. Anne has worked in both private and public school settings, serving diverse populations. 
Andi Turner - Learning Specialist
andi.turner@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325

Andi Turner joined the Eldorado Elementary team in August 2014. Prior to joining Eldorado, Andi received her Masters of Arts in Teaching Special Education at Metropolitan State University. She spent her last semester completing her student teaching with the SSN and Special Education team at Roxborough Elementary. At Eldorado Elementary she overlooks the Significant Support Needs program and is a member of her school's Response to Intervention Committee. In 2011, Andi graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in anthropology and minor in religious studies.

Alyx Wheeler - Administrative Assistant to the Principal/Bookeeper
alyx.wheeler@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325
Christina Wu - School Psychologist
Christina.Wu@dcsdk12.org | 303.387.6325