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Find answers to your questions with helpful videos and resources. 





1. How is attendance taken at eDCSD? 


2. How do I log in to the parent portal (IC)? 

Please view this PARENT PORTAL GUIDE


3. How do I check grades and attendance in parent portal (IC)?

Please view this PARENT PORTAL GUIDE.

4. How do I, as a parent, log in to Moodle and check the progress of my student? 


5. How do I find activity logs for my student in Moodle?




6. How are Moodle pages set up and organized? 



7. How do I get to the school office?  


8. How do I find the contact information for a teacher or other staff member? 

See our Staff Directory for contact information

9. Where do I go for tech support? 

For district support, please click the image below: 

Or, you may contact Jenny Payne at jjpayne[at]dcsdk12[dot]org or (720) 535-6577 for eDCSD tech support. 


10. What is eDCSDs grading policy? 


11.  What happens if my student needs an extension to complete work? 


12.  How do I know when Virtual Classes (VCs) will be held? 

Click HERE to download a copy of the 2016-2017 Virtual Class (VC) Schedule.  


13. What other support opportunities are available for students?