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Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:




Juniors will take the CMAS Science during school hours on Wednesday, April 18th. Students will be administered the test during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods. Any parent wishing to excuse their child from taking state mandated test should click on this link and follow directions for test excusal.


Please contact Dr. Andrea Rietsch @ 303-387-0870 or send an email to alrietsch[at]dcsdk12[dot]org with any questions or concerns.




Calling All Singers!


Eagle Academy is starting a choir, open to all! Choir will meet Tuesdays, beginning 4/10, from 1:30 to 2:20. We have an excellent retired choir director who will be leading our singers. Come check it out Tuesdays at 1:30!




This week’s schedule (April 16):


Every day this week is on Regular day schedule:

Period 0  1:10 - 2:20 pm (Tue. Wed and Thur.)

Period 1  2:30 - 4:16 pm

Period 2  4:19 - 6:05 pm

Break      6:05 - 6:41 pm (Small group dinner on Tuesday and pancakes on Wednesday, both optional)

Period 3  6:41 - 7:34 pm

Period 4  7:37 - 8:30 pm

CMAS Science testing for Juniors is during school hours on Wednesday, April 18th



Looking ahead to next week (April 23):

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are on Regular Day schedule

Period 1 2:30 - 4:16 pm

Period 2 4:19 - 6:05 pm

Break 6:05 - 6:41 pm  (pancakes dinner on Wednesday, optional)

Period 3 6:41 - 7:34 pm

Period 4 7:37 - 8:30 pm




Tuesday is PSAT/SAT make up day!

We will have a makeup testing day on Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30am.  This is for students who missed the SAT testing day on April 4, 2018. These students’ parents or guardians have received a personal email with more details. This is mandatory and makeup students will be expected to be at Eagle Academy by 7:15am.

For questions about the testing please email Dr. Andrea Rietsch at ALRietsch[at]dcsdk12[dot]org



First progress grades are mailed home on Friday, April 17 and available on the Parent Portal.



Thursday is on Community Dinner schedule

Period 0 1:10 - 2:20

Period 1 2:30 - 4:11

Period 2 4:14 - 5:55

Period 3 5:58 - 6:49

Dinner    6:49 - 7:19  (Mandatory attendance for all students, read more about it below)

Break     7:19 - 7:39

Period 4 7:39 - 8:30




The last meeting of the Eagle Academy SAC (School Accountability Committee) is on Monday, April 23,  5:30-6:30, at Eagle Academy. All parents/guardians interested in attending are invited.

What is a SAC?

A School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a requirement at every school. The purpose of the SAC is to information, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement process. We will meet four times throughout the year.

Want to get involved? Need more information? Please click HERE and fill out this brief form so we can contact you.


Community Dinners and Small Group Dinners

As you see in our weekly news and on our electronic calendar, Eagle Academy offers "Community Dinners" and "Small Group Dinners" throughout the school year.  What students and parents/guardians need to know:

"Community Dinners" take place once a month.

Community Dinners are for the whole school: students, teachers and staff.  

Students must attend community dinner with the rest of the student body.

Students have a break after the community dinner.

Students who choose to not attend community dinner will lose one behavior point in each class.

The schedule for Community Dinners  is:

Period 0 1:10 - 2:20

Period 1 2:30 - 4:11

Period 2 4:14 - 5:55

Period 3 5:58 - 6:49

Dinner    6:49 - 7:19  

Break     7:19 - 7:39

Period 4 7:39 - 8:30



"Small Group Dinners" take place once or twice a month.

Participation is optional, students sign up to attend.

Everybody is invited.

All dinners are made, brought and served by groups of volunteers who love our school, our students and our staff.  We are very grateful to these amazing people!





From the desk of Ms. Quintana, Work Experience Teacher


ACE Work Experience at Eagle -  How it works:

All students are placed in ACE (work experience) for the first two weeks of the quarter.

Students who submit the Training Agreement and Workman Compensation forms during the first two weeks (by April 23), will remain in ACE for the remainder of the quarter.

The Training Agreement and Workman Compensation forms are available online (click here) and in the office.

Students who don’t submit both forms during the first two weeks will be dropped from ACE and may re-enroll next quarter.

ACE is a Pass/Fail class.

Students who Fail ACE two quarters in one year will not be allowed to be in it the following quarter.

Students on Academic Leave must pass ACE to be allowed to return to Eagle.

Credits are awarded as follows: 90 work hours = .25 credit, 180 works hours = .5 credit, 360 work hours = 1 credit.

Questions? See me or email me at gaquintana[at]dcsdk12[dot]org






Attendance at Eagle Academy: read HERE


Resources for Students and Parents:

Work Experience:  forms, explanations, submit work and volunteer hours - follow this link

Student Success Score : how it works - follow this link

Eagle Calendar and Schedules - follow this link

Parent/Student Portal - follow this link

Eagle Academy website - follow this link




Please feel free to call us at 303 387 0870 with questions or comments.

Eagle Academy Administration





February 23, 2015 | By gbattaglioli | Category: Eagle Academy

District News

High school students across Douglas County, and many students in respective feeder schools, are once again learning that a little kindness can go a long way. Again this year, our high schools hosted Wish Weeks to make dreams come true for Make-A-Wish Foundation beneficiaries.

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education has named Thomas S. Tucker, Ph.D. as the sole finalist to lead our 68,000-student district as superintendent on a unanimous vote.


The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has certified Sagewood Middle School as a Recognized ASCA National Model Program (RAMP). A prestigious honor, Sagewood is now the only middle school in the state of Colorado to have gained this certification. Schools must receive a near-perfect score on ASCA’s scoring rubric, which outlines guidelines for building and maintaining student achievement, behavior, counseling curriculum, school culture, and several other factors, in order to become certified.