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The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme seeks to create well-rounded and well-prepared students who excel in their future aspirations and studies.

At DCHS, the program is split into two groups:

Middle Years Programme

MYP stands for the Middle Years Programme, which seeks to educate students with a wide variety of perspectives, local and international. According to academic studies, MYP students consistently achieve higher in critical academic skills.

The MYP grows creativity and independent thinking within students throughout their high school career, preparing them for the real world. It builds critical and reflective thinking skills in order to spread innovative and original ideas.

Diploma Programme

DP Stands for the Diploma Programme, which follows after the MYP. It is optional, but very useful for aspiring scholars who seek to expand their knowledge. It is widely respected by the top universities of the world, due to the nature of its rigorous curriculum. It builds on the MYP, and seeks to further grow experience in various fields of study.