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Advanced Placement

About Advanced Placement (AP)
AP can change your life. Through college-level AP courses, you enter a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school; through AP Exams, you have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities.
Why Participate?
Gain the Edge in College Preparation
  • Get a head start on college-level work.
  • Improve your writing skills and sharpen your problem-solving techniques.
  • Develop the study habits necessary for tackling rigorous course work.
Stand Out in the College Admissions Process
  • Demonstrate your maturity and readiness for college.
  • Show your willingness to take the most rigorous courses available to you.
  • Emphasize your commitment to academic excellence.
Broaden Your Intellectual Horizons
  • Explore the world from a variety of perspectives, most importantly your own.
  • Study subjects in greater depth and detail.
  • Assume the responsibility of reasoning, analyzing, and understanding for yourself.
How Do I Enroll?
Once you've decided to take the AP challenge it's easy to enroll. Talk to your DCHS Counselor!
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