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SAT & SAT + Essay


All DCHS Juniors and Parent(s):

This year all juniors will be taking the SAT on Tuesday, April 10th.  You have a choice, however, on which SAT test you would like to take.  You may take the SAT or the SAT + Essay.  The directions listed below explain how to register for the SAT + Essay.  Please pay very close attention to the deadlines and the directions to register for the SAT + Essay.  You only need to do this if you would like to take the SAT + Essay.  If you would like to take the SAT without the essay component, you need to do nothing.  All juniors are automatically signed up for the SAT.  Here are the directions to opt-in for the SAT + Essay:

How to Register for the Optional Essay for SAT

  • ​All 11th grade students attending public schools in Colorado will take the SAT. The SAT without essay is the default registration for all students.
  • Colorado statute requires that students have the option to take the SAT with essay.
  • Adding the essay to their SAT registration is a student level choice. Schools or districts should not make policy decisions regarding which students will or will not take the SAT essay nor should schools or districts encourage or discourage individual students from taking the SAT essay.
  • Students who wish to take the essay must register for it between January 27, 2017 – February 12, 2017. ​This is completed through the College Board and this is a hard deadline.  There will be no exceptions.
  • Students may add the essay to their registration through their online College Board account (click here to access) or by calling the College Board. 
  • For more information on how to register for the SAT + Essay, please click on the attached PDF.

If you are having problems accessing the April 10th test date, this is usually due to having created a College Board account prior to January 2017.  Please see the attached pdf  "Adding the Essay to a Student Account".  You will need to get the registration ID number referenced in step #3 from Dr. Veto.  Please come by the north main office prior to Friday, February 10 to get your registration ID number.