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D C Oakes Student Information and Expectations

Academic Expectations

Academic performance is evaluated every three weeks. A grade of "C" or above must be maintained in all classes. Students who fail to maintain this level of performance may be placed on a leave of absense.

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be strictly monitored. There are no "excused" absences, and students may not miss more than five school days during a quarter. Students who miss more than five days (or five classes) during a quarter may be placed on a leave of absence.

Behavior Expectations

Douglas County School District policies must be followed at all times. Students are expected to behave themselves at all times in a manner which is compatible with the school's function as an educational facility. This includes all of the Douglas County School District's Student Codes of Conduct and Discipline.

Participation and positive attitudes are expected of all students at all times. Students must participate in all activities and complete all assignments. Students must comply with all instructions, directions, and requests made by teachers throughout the school day.

Respect forms the basis of all relationships at Daniel C. Oakes High School. Students must be respectful of other students, teachers, all school personnel and members of the community. Disrespect and defiance will not be tolerated.

Community Service

Daniel C. Oakes is commited to serving the community by participating in the following community service events: •Food drive for the Women's Crisis Center •County Fair •Blood drive In addition to these, each student must complete 20 hours of general community service in order to graduate.


D C Oakes Alumni Resources

On the July 1st following your graduation, copies of your DCSD records may be obtained by clicking here.