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State Mandated Testing


1. DCSD Assessment Calendar:  (Download and view 17-18 version below.)
2. DCSD Assessment Policy:   (Download and view 17-18 version below.)

3. NOTE:  If you are a parent/guardian requesting a paper version of the CMAS assessment, these requests must be submitted no later than December 1, 2017.

          Please email Laura Matyszewski at laura.matyszewski[at]dcsdk12[dot]org to make this request.
4. HB 15-1323:  (Download and view below.)
5. State Assessment Excusal Form:  
State Assessment Excusal Form Walkthrough for Parent/Guardians: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mdt_x55cUvh4S26etHCd1Cgf93HarelE3ogmHrBkgEM/edit
6. News:
The State of Colorado switched their State Mandated College Preparatory Assessment to the SAT for all 11th grade students last school year.  
The following resource is available for FREE to all students to help prepare for the SAT (practice questions and assessments, study guides, test-taking tips, etc.):
          Kahn Academy at www.kahnacademy.org 
7. D. C. Oakes Spring 2018 Testing Schedule: (Download and view 17-18 version below.)
8. 2017 Colorado SAT Flyer FINAL:  TBA
9. 2017 Colorado SAT Essay Flyer FINAL:  TBA