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The Stallion Scoop: 4Feb16





The Principal Chronicles continue ... "SNOW DAY!!!" is typically the sound you hear when your children get up in the morning and realize that there isn't going to be school that day. For me, my snow day started out the same as the other two snow days we have had. (Isn't it strange that Tuesday is apparently our designated snow day?) I checked the weather reports about the apocalyptic snow coming and thought, as I usually do, "no way are we going to have a snow day". For those of you who know me, I am up at 4:30am and off to the gym for my 5am CrossFit class. At precisely 4:34 AM I checked 9 News and noticed that our District was still open for business. So I hopped in the car and was on my way. When I stepped into the gym at 4:55 AM every major school district in the metro area was closed. So there I was, for the third consecutive snow day, in the gym when I could have been sleeping in. I will not attempt to write any of the thoughts that went through my head at that point.

When I got home from the gym (side note: I often wonder why, on really snowy days, the larger the vehicle, the faster people seem to go, no matter what the road conditions are like) everyone was asleep in my house. Super. (second side note: as you are reading this, know that Tuesday was my birthday, which I really do not enjoy celebrating. Sorry this may be the longest starting sentence in history) So in order to avoid the wrath of my sleeping wife by waking her up, I hung out in the dark and did some school work.

Once everyone was up, it was determined that I was now chief entertainment officer for my house. My wife left for work and my oldest (who had been up for all of two minutes) stated that she was bored. Not only was she bored, she had absolutely no interest in all of the fun and exciting things I suggested she participate in: clean her room, shovel the driveway, etc. Since I still had more work to do, she decided to make blueberry muffins for her breakfast. She is ten and spends most of her time watching cooking shows and I felt that she didn't need close supervision during her baking experience. After twenty minutes or so, she came down with a piece of blueberry bread ate one bite and announced that it was "too sweet" and didn't want to eat it. Thinking that was an odd statement I went up to look at the bread and when I pulled back the foil I noticed the bread had a giant canyon in the middle of it. Apparently the directions were not closely followed, nor were the dishes she used cleaned as they were piled in the sink (who needs to use five bowls to make blueberry bread out of a box?).

After that was straightened out, we still needed to make a plan for the day (again, somehow I got designated as chief entertainment officer). Sledding, snowman construction, cleaning, snowball fight, were all ideas that were shot down. She decided that she "needed" to go to build-a-bear to get a sloth with a lightsaber. As I am sure you are thinking, since most of the world has seen Star Wars, a SLOTH with a lightsaber? Normally going to build-a-bear is about the same as a root canal minus the novocaine, but I have to admit, my interest was piqued about this sloth. Honestly, by its very name alone (sloth) I was curious as to how something that is so slow would be able to handle a lightsaber. So off we went.

When we got to the mall we were, literally, the only ones in the entire place. I actually felt bad for the workers there, and wondered if they got free wifi at the mall since everyone we passed was not working and buried into their phone. In Build-a-Bear, my oldest found her sloth (which if you have never been to build-a-bear -count yourself lucky- the animals are not "stuffed") and proceeded to find the person working so she could "fill" up her bear. As we walked over to the (for lack of a better word) stuffing machine, I noticed that the worker had a giant stuffed bear strapped to her back (which was disturbing on several levels). We got to the stuffer and this worker started asking my oldest about the 70 or so add-on's that she could put into her sloth. She offered scents, heart beats, sounds, and who knows what else. Finally we got the thing stuffed, grabbed our lightsaber (which was actually kind of cool) and I was fully ready to leave when the worker threw out "making a 'birth certificate'" for Brooklyn (our newly named sloth). So we ended up spending the next 35 minutes working on this birth certificate on (I think) the first ever computer. This thing had a massive keyboard and an even more massive mouse. I think the students here at CTE could create a computer from scratch out of duct tape and copper wire better than this thing. Eventually after close to 90 minutes and forty dollars and eighty-eight cents later we were able to walk out of that store. Having reached my fun quota for the day we headed home.

That is it for the Principal Chronicles for this week. There was a lot more that happened of course, but I really need to do some actual work today. Have a great weekend and until next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


Sixth grade won the  Penny & Paper War! All the students had lots of fun. Student Council will be donating $500 to the American Diabetes Association. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and donations!

Student Council will begin selling Valentine Candy Grams tomorrow morning for Valentine's Day. All the details are in the attached flyer. We will be selling them at the dance on Friday and before/after school February 5-10. They may also be purchased at the front office.

Mark your calendars now! Parent/Teacher Conferences are the week of February 22, with our late night being February 25. Detailed information for signing up in next week's Stallion Scoop.

For StuCo's next service project, we will be partnering with Chaparral High School's Student Government for their Wish Week. More information to come!

January/February/March Newsletter

Box Tops: February is Box Tops month! We hope you've been clipping all year. If you would like to see all the products that have Box Tops on them, visit the Box Tops website. There will once again be weekly class prizes for the class AND the teacher! See the flyer for more information. Thank you for supporting our school!

All School Dance: Thank you to Lisa Carey and all the volunteers who helped put the dance together! Thank you to all the volunteers who worked at the various stations throughout the night! These events are not possible without YOU! And finally, thank you to I-Orthodontics for the use of the photo booth. We had a great turnout of CTE families and staff. Such a fun night! Everyone went home tired and happy, just how it should be. 

Sierra Middle School 2016-17 registration information and important dates (including Parent Night @ Sierra) can be found on this flyer.

With Valentine Parties coming up, please visit our student directory to find the names of your students' classmates!
Please note: this document is password protected for privacy - the password was included in this week's The Stallion Scoop - 4feb16 email.

DCAGT [Douglas County Association for the Gifted & Talented]


February 4, 2016 | By abhylton | Category: Cherokee Trail Elementary School

District News

On February 9 the PACE Center hosted Portfolio Day for students like Sladovnik. It was an opportunity for critiques from working professional artists, and workshops. It culminates in the "Bright Futures" art exhibit - a showcase of selected work on display February 16-27.

Last month, the Board of Education passed a resolution tasking the Superintendent to convene a task force inclusive of members of the general public and staff members. This task force will develop a survey for parents of students eligible for special education services and a survey for staff members who serve students eligible for special education services.

Board members sitting at the dais

CASTLE ROCK - On February 6, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education confirmed its commitment to begin the process of seeking approval from voters for additional local funding.

“Our children need a bond and mill levy override (MLO) to be passed in 2018, beyond any doubt,” said DCSD Board of Education President David Ray. “We want to move forward immediately with the necessary processes and collaboration with our community in order to finalize a formal funding package.”