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The Stallion Scoop: 3Mar16





The Principal Chronicles continue ... This week's episode is all about sickness. My wife has been down and out for the past week with some sort of superbug. For those of you who don't know, my wife is a former Ironman Triathlete, a current Olympic weightlifter, and an all around fitness queen. For her to stay on the couch for a week, and not go to work, was saying something. Of course, she couldn't go to the doctor, that would be silly for a medical professional to diagnose what they went to school for many years to do. Her response to me saying she should see a doctor was "they are just going to tell me to buy some drugs". As you can see, kind of a dead end street there.

So for the past week, our communication has dwindled down to shorts bursts of grunts, which I think she sees as talking, and large fits of coughing. The coughing sounds as though you are punching a yak in the stomach (not sure why someone would do that, or if that is what the sound is truly like? because I don't know any one who has punched a yak in the stomach - but that is the image that comes to mind). During the past week, I think she has watched about 40 episodes of Star Trek and every season of The Voice. Meanwhile, my role has shifted at home: somewhere in the last week, I added the title of 'butler' to my at home job description. Not sure how it happened since I never applied for that job. I guess I am just that lucky.

Good news is that she is finally recovering from the land of the dead. She made it to work today and might even stay the entire day. That being said, I am not sure I'll be able to fire myself as the house butler just yet. Stay tuned.

Until next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


Chaparral's Wish Week
CTE Spirit Week, March 7-11...remember your $1 each day

  • Monday: PJ Day
  • Tuesday: Twin Day 
  • Wednesday: Wuzzle Day (take a figurative word and make it literal, eg. bedhead = wear a bed on your head)
  • Thursday: Career  Day 
  • Friday: Crazy Hair Day

Restaurant Events:

  • March 3 Costa Vida (lunch and dinner), Kunjani (morning)
  • March 4-6 Lil Ricci's
  • March 7 Chick Fil A (4-8pm), Golden Flame Wings (lunch and dinner)
  • March 8 Cold Stone (4-8pm)
  • March 9 Chipotle (4-8pm, Cottonwood Dr location only)
  • March 10 Texas Roadhouse (dinner only)

PARCC/CMAS State Mandated Testing

  • PARCC testing begins before spring break for fifth and sixth graders and after spring break for third and fourth graders.
  • Here is the schedule for testing. Thanks for providing your student with adequate sleep and a good breakfast.
  • For excusal information, please visit CTE's website.

Lost and Found
CTE's lost and found will be in the lobby from March 7-17. Whatever isn't claimed during that time will be donated on Friday, March 18. Please feel free to come by and look for your students' missing items.

January/February/March Newsletter

Yearbook Orders: Yearbook order forms will come home this week. If you are unsure if you placed a yearbook order at the beginning of the school year contact us at CTEPSP[at]gmail[dot]com and we can confirm your order.

Box Tops: Thank you to everyone who clipped Box Tops throughout the year! We raised over $2000! Mrs. Tyler's class won the overall prize. They earned a pizza party for their class. Start clipping those Box Tops for next year's competition.

It's that time of year again!! Please submit any/all photos of CTE events for the 2015-16 yearbook! (class parties, assemblies, field trips, etc.)
3 easy ways:

  1. use the CTE app and send pictures right from your phone! (free to download - more info)
    - go to More/Yearbook Photos
  2. email photos to Anna Hylton
  3. send a flash drive to school with your student (labeled drives will be returned)

deadline for submissions: 15 Mar 2016


We are currently under early registration until 3/21. Participants can save $25 (instead of $220.00 for the week, it will be $195.00).
more info: Camp Invention website
registration for CTE: link

DCAGT [Douglas County Association for the Gifted & Talented]
DCSD Gifted Education News


March 3, 2016 | By abhylton | Category: Cherokee Trail Elementary School

District News

kids running outside as part of a race

DCSD is requesting parent input on the health and wellness of our students. Last year, DCSD received a large planning grant from Colorado Health Foundation in an effort to assess how the district supports students through the lens of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model (WSCC). The mission of this grant is to review the current state of DCSD's student health and wellness program, and then formulate a three to five-year plan based on stakeholders’ needs, the latest research, and best practices. As part of this process, we would like your input.

How are we doing?

We want to hear from you! How often do you prefer to receive email newsletters from DCSD? How can we improve the news and information you receive? This brief survey should only take a minute or two of your time. Thank you for giving us your input!

Tell us what you think, here!


glowing purple lights hover over trays of seedlings in a dark room

It may look like a plain, white shipping container was just parked on the backyard grounds of Mountain Vista High School. The contents of the container are anything but plain, though. Walking inside the container, different colors of ambient lighting glow, futuristic-looking equipment and tall towers are suspended from the ceiling, and the humidity level is set to 70 percent. The container has been recycled into a new kind of learning opportunity for students.