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The Stallion Scoop: 27Aug15


This has been a very interesting week for me. I have spent the last two days being trained in Emergenetics. Emergenetics is essentially creating a profile of how your brain prefers to learn. Most of our staff already have their profiles (you may have seen the colored wheels around their necks or outside of their classroom) and every year our 6th grade students get their profiles. I have to say it was absolutely fascinating and helped me understand myself and the CTE staff.

About halfway through the training, I was able to gain access to all the profiles of the staff at CTE and it truly opened my eyes. First of all, last year I spent a good part of many faculty meetings making our staff do skits or plays to add some humor or fun into our work. Our staff always moaned and groaned and I could never figure out why. After finally learning about their Emergenetics profiles, I figured out that most of our staff HATES being put out in that position. DUH!! (note to self: just because you don't mind making a fool out of yourself, doesn't mean EVERYONE does either). Basically I was putting them in an extremely uncomfortable position. Lucky for me that was WAY LAST YEAR when I was a silly rookie principal. THIS year instead of putting them in uncomfortable positions frequently, I have only done it a few times.

The other eye-opening learning I had was how structured our staff likes things. They enjoy lists, guidelines,  and clear pathways. So from now on I am going to try very hard to keep them in their preferred method of learning. I'll be making lists of my lists about my list and then keep those on (you guessed it) a list. Our staff here works so hard that is the least I can do.

That is it for this week's edition of the Principal Chronicles..

  • Stay tuned for next week
  • Don't forget about Back to School night on Tuesday September 1st
  • 6:30 - 8:00 PM
  • (If this list makes you really really happy, you may have a preference in Green)
Got to start somewhere. Until next time ...


Thank you for sending your students ready and excited to learn!  Being new to Cherokee Trail, I'm amazed at the level of support the community offers to our school. 
As you know, safety is our first priority as a school and as a district.  We have several systems in place to ensure your child is safe when coming to school.  In looking at our systems, I've noticed that our carpool line-up needs some support.  While parents are waiting for the bell to ring, they are cautious to not block our neighbor's driveways.  However, once the bell rings, the cars begin to pull in front of the driveways.  Our school and our neighbors are asking that we honor the fact that we are utilizing public property for our school's carpool lane.  Please be careful to leave neighboring driveway's open and don't pull in front of them.
We will begin using a card system next week to speed up the carpool process.  Carpool parents will be given a card with their child's last name written on it to place in the windshield as parents drive through the carpool lane.  This will enable anyone who is monitoring the carpool lane to quickly identify which student(s) belongs with each car.  We will provide carpoolers with a card and will also have a carpool station at our Back to School Night event, September 1st.
Thanks again for your continued support and courtesy with our carpooling situation.  Please contact me should you have any questions.

Back to School Night
Parents and Guardians, you are cordially invited and encouraged to attend our Back to School Night on September 1. During this event, Mr. Miller will be presenting our dream for Cherokee Trail, introducing new staff, providing school tours, and serving up ice cream.  Yes, he is a superstar! We can't wait to spend some time together as a community!

CogAT Information Page - link


What is PSP? Click here for more information.

PSP Officers: At last week's PSP meeting we elected new officers. The officers for 2015-2016 are Lisa Loomer - President, Angie Munroe & Carla Autrey - Co-Vice President, Sheri Isdale - Treasurer and Lacey Whittaker - Secretary. Thank you to our new officers, Lacey & Carla, for stepping up to serve our community this year! 
Back-to-School Ice Cream Social: Next Tuesday, Sept. 1st, is our annual Back-to-School Ice Cream Social from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. This year we will have a different format in order to show you all the physical changes in the building and to hear more about the adoption of STEAM Based Learning. Each family will receive a passport and once they collect all their stamps they can enjoy FREE ice cream sundaes! We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Fun Run: Save the date for our annual Fun Run - Tues., Sept. 29th! This is our biggest fundraiser of the school year! It's also a lot of FUN for the kids and promotes healthy living. More information will come home after the assembly on Mon., Sept. 21st. Thank you for supporting our school! 


What is SAC?
The purpose of the SAC is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes.  

We are looking for two parents to join the group.
SAC meets monthly. Members are elected by the parents/guardians of CTE students and serve a two-year term. During this time members will serve as the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson or Recorder of the SAC committee. (SAC responsibilities)

If you are interested please submit a short bio of yourself and explain why you would like to be a part of this group, to Mr. Miller. Voting will take place at CTE’s Back to School Night on September 1st at 6:30pm.

CTE Band and Orchestra

Is your 4th, 5th or 6th grader enrolled in band or orchestra? If not, come and join us! Playing a musical instrument has been shown to improve academic achievement, social skills, and problem solving ability. But, most of all, it's fun! Band and orchestra are offered at Cherokee Trail Elementary as a before/after school enrichment program. Details, registration, and scholarship information is available on the CHEIM website.

Also, don’t forget that CTE is the recipient of the Bringing Music to Life Instrument Drive. Now, you can rent directly from us at a lower rate. We still have 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 trumpets, a trombone, violin and cello that could be played this year. Maybe that is your student?? Email us right away for instrument details: tlmaddaford[at]gmail[dot]com (band) charrison80234[at]gmail[dot]com (orchestra). We look forward to making music with you this year!

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District News

High school students across Douglas County, and many students in respective feeder schools, are once again learning that a little kindness can go a long way. Again this year, our high schools hosted Wish Weeks to make dreams come true for Make-A-Wish Foundation beneficiaries.

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education has named Thomas S. Tucker, Ph.D. as the sole finalist to lead our 68,000-student district as superintendent on a unanimous vote.


The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has certified Sagewood Middle School as a Recognized ASCA National Model Program (RAMP). A prestigious honor, Sagewood is now the only middle school in the state of Colorado to have gained this certification. Schools must receive a near-perfect score on ASCA’s scoring rubric, which outlines guidelines for building and maintaining student achievement, behavior, counseling curriculum, school culture, and several other factors, in order to become certified.