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The Stallion Scoop: 18Feb16


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The Principal Chronicles continue ... So this has nothing to do with really anything school related but this weekend my daughter is competing in a county talent show. I know what you are thinking, who cares about that? I thought I would share our story because, of course, it is interesting.

My youngest loves to sing and perform. Basically she loves the attention rather than really working to be a good singer. So we found this talent show through the county where we live and signed her up for fun. About two weeks ago we drove over to the rec center where the "try-outs" were thinking this was going to be a total joke. As we were waiting in line to check in we saw this 15 year old girl checking-in in front of us completely decked out in a full costume. My youngest and I looked at each other and instantly thought we may be a little out of our depth here.

We checked in and went down the hall to the try-out room to wait for her turn. The first girl up was this tiny little girl dressed up like an Indian. Those of you with daughters know exactly what song she was going to sing. This little girl got in the room and absolutely brought the house down with her Pocahontas song. The judges were seriously crying afterwards. I could see on my daughter's face that the 11 times she practiced her song were not nearly enough. The next girl who went was dressed in one of the most elaborate costumes I have ever seenhe was supposed to be the witch from the movie Into the Woods but she looked like the Little Mermaid and got a little annoyed when I asked if she was Ariel. Apparently this talent show had no room for humor. The Into the Woods girl went in for her audition and I had to listen to her mother tell me how many talent shows her daughter has won and that she was going to try out for The Voice. The conversation essentially ended when I told her that we were there for fun and we really didn't care about winning. I honestly started looking around for the cameras because it really felt like we were on a reality show about talent shows. The Into the Woods girl was pretty darn good and had this whole entire choreographed routine complete with singing and talking.

Finally it was my daughter's turn. I could tell that she was pretty nervous following those two. She did pretty well, she just walked in and stood there and sang. No costume, no dance routine unless you count her tugging on her elbow the entire time. We left there thinking we did our best and let the chips fall where they may. We ended up getting in and my youngest will be "competing" this Sunday along with everyone else who got in. I thought I may film it and submit the footage as a pilot for a reality show, Talent Show Meltdowns. Should be a very interesting day to say the least. If anything, I'm sure we will have a good story to tell.

That is it for this week's edition of 'absolutely nothing', called the Principal Chronicles. Until next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ... (with hopefully something of substance and meaning to write about).


Mark your calendars now!

Jump Rope for Heart will be held during specials on Friday, February 19.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are the week of February 22, with our late night being February 25. (sign-up instructions below)

Wish Week assemblies are scheduled for March 4.

January/February/March Newsletter

Yearbook Orders: Yearbook order forms will come home this week. If you are unsure if you placed a yearbook order at the beginning of the school year contact us at CTEPSP[at]gmail[dot]com and we can confirm your order.

Box Tops: Mr. Major's class won the Box Tops competition last week and are the proud recipients of some sprinkle cupcakes! The Box Top competition continues through the month of February so keep clipping!

Restaurant Night: Next week there will be restaurant nights at Lil' Ricci's in Parker so mark your calendars and share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. February 25th, 26th, & 27th from 11:00am - close each day you can visit Lil' Ricci's and let them know you are there to support CTE. This will work for dine-in or carry-out. Remember that these restaurant nights support teacher grants PSP awards every month. Thank you for your support!


MyConferenceTime.com/cte - visit this link to sign up for parent/teacher conferences.
1. no log-in required!
2. just click on the teacher's name - use the Register for Multiple Conferences link if you want to find a common time for all of your students
3. chose the date of conference
4. chose the time of conference - click Sign Up
5. fill in the required information
6. click Sign Up for your Conference at the bottom
7. optional - use the Add to my Personal Calendar link

Please contact Anna Hylton with any questions.


Dear Families,
We are reaching out to all families in preparation for this Spring’s state testing. In March and April our students are scheduled to take state-mandated tests.

  • 3rd-6th grade - Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) for English Language Arts and Math

  • 5th grade-Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) Science

Below is a schedule that shows when each grade will take their assigned tests:
CTE’s State Mandated Testing Schedule

For more information about state testing, please visit the State-Mandated Assessment page on our school website.

Sincerely, Josh Miller - Principal

SAC minutes and presentation from 16feb16 meeting.

DCAGT [Douglas County Association for the Gifted & Talented]
DCSD Gifted Education News


February 18, 2016 | By abhylton | Category: Cherokee Trail Elementary School

District News

kids running outside as part of a race

DCSD is requesting parent input on the health and wellness of our students. Last year, DCSD received a large planning grant from Colorado Health Foundation in an effort to assess how the district supports students through the lens of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model (WSCC). The mission of this grant is to review the current state of DCSD's student health and wellness program, and then formulate a three to five-year plan based on stakeholders’ needs, the latest research, and best practices. As part of this process, we would like your input.

How are we doing?

We want to hear from you! How often do you prefer to receive email newsletters from DCSD? How can we improve the news and information you receive? This brief survey should only take a minute or two of your time. Thank you for giving us your input!

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glowing purple lights hover over trays of seedlings in a dark room

It may look like a plain, white shipping container was just parked on the backyard grounds of Mountain Vista High School. The contents of the container are anything but plain, though. Walking inside the container, different colors of ambient lighting glow, futuristic-looking equipment and tall towers are suspended from the ceiling, and the humidity level is set to 70 percent. The container has been recycled into a new kind of learning opportunity for students.