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The Stallion Scoop: 10Sep15


This week we had our first lockdown drill of the year. As I am sure many of you know, safety is our District's #1 priority so they had District security personnel come out and train our entire staff on what to do in various emergency situations (note to self: when scheduling an all-staff, early morning meeting in conjunction with the entire feeder DO NOT pick the morning after Labor Day). Despite the large quantities of coffee being consumed, our staff did a tremendous job and learned a great deal to help keep our students safe.

In addition to the training (did I mention it was super early in the morning?), we held a lockdown drill at 11:00 that was run by District security. If you are unfamiliar with a lockdown drill, basically the students and teachers get out of sight in their rooms in case there is an intruder in the building. Our students and staff did a great job and we didn't get any negative feedback from District personnel. In fact many of our teachers were pretty slick and still kept up with their instruction even during the lockdown drill. As we went from classroom to classroom we found many teachers reading (quietly of course) to their students or doing some activities. Pretty amazing considering you need to have your lights out during the drill.

That is it for this week's edition of the Principal Chronicles, stay tuned. With outdoor ed coming up there are bound to be some pretty good stories ...


As you know our District's and Cherokee Trail's number one priority is safety. We have had a few instances of students crossing streets without looking both ways. These students have been texting or on the phone. Would you please consider visiting with your student regarding safe strategies for crossing busy streets and the use of technology while crossing streets? Your help with this is greatly appreciated by those driving near our school. Thanks!

Thank you for keeping our neighbors' driveways accessible when picking up students!

​Upcoming Events
Please join us for our SAC (5-6 pm) and PSP (6-7 pm) meetings on Tuesday, September 15.


PSP September/October Newsletter

Box Tops & Campbell's Soup Labels: Continue to collect both of these! We will hold our annual Box Tops competition next February. Campbell's Soup Labels can be collected and turned in at any time to your student's teacher or the front office. Last year we raised over $2,000 from all the Box Tops that were turned in. The Campbell's Soup Labels have helped us purchase new tables for CTE that we use throughout the school year. Thank you for supporting our school!

PSP Memberships & Yearbook Orders: Remember to support CTE PSP by becoming a member! The membership includes one yearbook and supports teacher grants we give to our staff throughout the year. You can also purchase additional yearbooks at a discount as a member. Simply fill out the form and send it in with your student. Thank you for supporting CTE PSP!

PSP Teacher Grants: At the monthly PSP meetings teacher grants are awarded thanks to the generosity of our community. Funds raised from the PSP Memberships and Restaurant Nights allow for these grants. In August we approved the following: Raz Kids & Learning A-Z for K-2nd grades, the Make Magazine subscription for the Learning Commons, curriculum to help 3rd-6th grade students develop communication & critical thinking skills. If you'd like to participate in the discussion of teacher grants, please join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 15th at 6:00pm.

Please VOTE for our 2015-16 SAC representatives.

Battle of the Books, sponsored by the Parker Library, is returning to Cherokee Trail Elementary! This program is for 3rd - 6th graders. Teams must have a minimum of five students and can have a maximum of seven students. They are split into two divisions, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th. The teams will be competing against other area schools at the Parker Library next February. Please see the flyer or the webpage for more information. After reviewing the book list and the dates, contact Lisa Loomer by September 25th if your child would like to participate and/or if you'd like to coach a team at CTE.

Please visit Mrs. Whittingham's web site to view information about upcoming physical activity events that are available to the CTE community: including the fittin' it in 5K, the Chaparral feeder area cross XC games and the running club. 
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District News

kids running outside as part of a race

DCSD is requesting parent input on the health and wellness of our students. Last year, DCSD received a large planning grant from Colorado Health Foundation in an effort to assess how the district supports students through the lens of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model (WSCC). The mission of this grant is to review the current state of DCSD's student health and wellness program, and then formulate a three to five-year plan based on stakeholders’ needs, the latest research, and best practices. As part of this process, we would like your input.

How are we doing?

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glowing purple lights hover over trays of seedlings in a dark room

It may look like a plain, white shipping container was just parked on the backyard grounds of Mountain Vista High School. The contents of the container are anything but plain, though. Walking inside the container, different colors of ambient lighting glow, futuristic-looking equipment and tall towers are suspended from the ceiling, and the humidity level is set to 70 percent. The container has been recycled into a new kind of learning opportunity for students.