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Accessing your student EPR (Elementary Progress Report)

Dear Castle Rock Elementary Parents,

Your child’s Elementary Progress Report (EPR) contains his/her progress in important content areas:  ELA ( reading and writing), math, Project Based Learning (science and social studies) as well as art, music and physical education.  Along with these content areas, the EPR will also provide parents with information on how your child is doing within the 4Cs, 21st Century Skills, along with SLE: school level (behavior) expectations.

What your child’s grade means:





What does this level mean?

Needs strong support; not meeting grade level expectations

Meets grade level expectations with occasional guidance

Above grade level expectations on a consistent basis


Staff at CRE are working hard to support your child at every level.  At the approaching level, teachers are providing your child with targeted instruction and interventions for areas they need support in.  These areas have been identified through assessments, classroom observations, and teacher-student relationships.  At the meets level, teachers are looking for consistency in your child’s progress and academics.  Teachers are also looking for opportunities to support your child and challenge them.  At the exceeds level, teachers are engaging them in lessons beyond their grade level and challenging their creativity and critical thinking skills in the real world application of academic skills.


To access your child’s EPR:

*Your child’s EPR will be available online through the Parent Portal starting on Friday, December 22nd, 2017 for the fall semester and on Wednesday, May 25, 2018 for the spring semester.  They will be ready to view at midnight.



Deb Warr, Ed.D

December 19, 2017 | By mgreene1 | Category: Castle Rock Elementary School

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