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Sagewood students enlist Cadets to prepare for International Towne

Sagewood school and cadet

PARKER – Sagewood Middle School’s sixth-grade Bobcat team hosted 16 cadets from the United States Air Force Academy on Friday, April 4. The cadets were on site to interview Sagewood students in preparation for the International Towne field trip to be held later this month.

International Town is a one-of-a-kind educational program offered to middle school teachers to help instruct students about global economics through fun, hands-on, experimental learning. It is a life-like simulation of a global marketplace where students physically apply concepts they’ve learned as they step into roles as world citizens.

“It was a privilege for Sagewood students and teachers to have such well respected young men and women come to interview the students in such an educational and preparatory experience,” stated Sagewood Middle School Dean of Students Neal Husome.

He added, “ The students were very excited to have interviewed with the cadets and the teachers were very thankful to have them come. It was a very fun and successful morning for all.” 

The following are some of the thoughts of the Sagewood students, who participated in the International Towne interviews with the cadets:

My name is Azaria Neilson, and last week some of America's brave men and women took the time to come to my school, Sagewood Middle School. I was so grateful to have these wonderful men and women come into our Bobcat sixth grade pod to interview us for our InternationalTowne jobs. I wanted to thank them for waking up early to come do this for us. I also wanted to thank them for serving my country and keeping me and our, oh so proud, United States of America safe and sound. I would love to have them come again, because although it may have been a little scary to see such amazing people, it still was a day to remember. Thank you and I salute you USAFA cadets!!
- Azaria Nelison

My name is Thomas Starr, a sixth grader at Sagewood Middle School. I really enjoyed having the cadets interview us for our International Towne jobs. They are very respectable people and I look up to them. It was an honor to have them help us and I hope the sixth graders next year can have such great interviewers!
- Thomas Starr

I am Jared Wright from Sagewood Middle School. Last week, the USAFA cadets came to interview us for jobs at International Towne. It was a great experience for such respected people to come to our school and interview us. They were very friendly and encouraging. The cadets encouraged us by showing us that it was ok to mess up. I am glad that only the cadets interviewed us, and nobody else. It was a great honor from the men and women to come here to Sagewood. 
- Jared Wright

Last Friday, the USAFA cadets came to our school. It was a very good opportunity to have them interview us for our International Towne jobs. They helped us a lot, and it was very generous of them. I will probably never get this rare opportunity again, so I will just have to remember it and realize how lucky us Americans are to have such a selfless Air Force.
- Ben Norby

April 16, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Sagewood Middle School, Middle School Education

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