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Rest of the Story: Weather Delays and Closures

The Douglas County School District takes the safety of our students, staff, parents and community extremely seriously. When inclement weather hits, the DCSD Snow Team is activated.

THE PROCESS: The decision to delay or close a school is not made lightly. In fact, our bus drivers and maintenance crews are out at 3 a.m. driving across the county to assess road conditions. Additionally, we confer with Douglas County's road crews to get an assessment of how well they have been able to clear and treat the roads.

DID YOU KNOW? The Douglas County School District spans nearly 900 square miles. That’s 55 percent of the size of the entire state of Rhode Island!

Because of the vast size of our school district, there can be a lot of variation in weather and road conditions in DCSD – not to mention the variance found among metro area school districts. There are times when a delay or closure is needed for the entire school district, but it may also be specific to a single school or region.

DCSD weather delay and closure recommendation criteria 

THE BOTTOM LINE: Safety is our number one priority and our goal is to make decisions that are best for our entire community. As always, if our parents choose to keep their children home during inclement weather, the absence will be excused.

LEARN MORE: The DCSD Snow Team knows that weather conditions in Colorado can rapidly change. We are constantly monitoring conditions and will provide updates on our website, mobile app and social media channels. Check out our "Connect With Us" page for more information.

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