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Rest of the Story: Innovation Summit

Douglas County School District is hosting the 2015 Innovation Summit February 18-20. Educators across the country are invited to the hands-on learning experience, focused on a 21st century education.

Attendees will learn about assessment, choice, safety, world class education and more.

The Innovation Summit was rescheduled to February 2015 to better meet scheduling needs of those interested in attending. There was no cancellation charge imposted by the Denver Marriott South (host site of the event). Costs associated with the event are being funded entirely through grants and at no cost to the Douglas County School District. Attendees are required to pay for any lodging and/or travel costs.

Board of Education President Kevin Larsen discussed the 2015 Innovation Summit at the January 20 BOE meeting. Larsen explained that DCSD employees involved in planning and presenting are doing so in addition to their normal duties. Larsen said the Innovation Summit is a great opportunity to partner with other district leaders and share our knowledge with them, as DCSD receives numerous inquires from outside groups. This event allows all interested parties to come together over a few days.

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