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Rest of the Story: DCSD Safety Enhancements

The Douglas County School District's Safety and Security team recently purchased 10 long rifles to be used by DCSD Armed Security Patrol. 



In an effort to further enhance the safety of our students and staff, the DCSD Safety and Security Department recently purchased 10 long rifles. Our armed security officers, who currently carry a handgun, will train side-by-side with our partners at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on the proper usage of a long rifle. All DCSD armed security officers are former law enforcement. The team of eight has more than 100 combined years of law enforcement experience. Upon completion of the training and certification, the officers will have access to a long rifle.


The gun will be kept in a locking mechanism inside the DCSD patrol vehicle – similar to what is utilized by law enforcement – and housed inside a safe during off-duty hours.


This is yet another proactive layer in ensuring the safety of our students and staff – in addition to the School Resource Officers, the School Marshal Program and the DCSD Armed Security Patrol. The long rifles will be utilized by the DCSD armed security patrol once training and qualification requirements are met – and will only be deployed if needed.


The discussion surrounding this purchase began in July 2015. Funding surrounding this purchase was flagged by the finance office and brought to the attention of Superintendent Fagen. She met with DCSD Chief Operations Officer Thomas Tsai and DCSD Safety and Security Director Rich Payne to discuss the purchase, which was completed in January 2016. The total cost of the long rifles and the associated equipment was $12,299.60. This was paid out of the security budget.

In an effort to maintain the highest level of safety and security for all students, staff, parents and community members, specific safety details are not released to the general public.


“The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has enjoyed a very good relationship with the Douglas County School District," said Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock. "The school security director and staff work very closely with the Sheriff’s Office as it relates to security of the schools and the protection of the students and staff on all the campuses. I support the continued enhancements of their school security program to include the deployment of advanced weapons in the event they are needed. We continue to support additional training to the security staff of the school district.”