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Professional Development



Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth
312 Cantril Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-387-9500
Fax: 303-387-0539

Providing Training that Helps Our Employees Grow

Professional Development (PD) delivers innovative learning opportunities needed to support sustainable, personalized, professional staff development. 

• Creating professional learning that is differentiated and grounded in research and literature
• Designing and evaluating systems for alignment, sustainability and quality of professional learning

Available district Mandatory Trainings for SY 2016-17

Visit our PD Catalog for a complete list of available sessions. Participation in courses in professional development is voluntary.

Site-Based Professional Development

Schools are welcome to offer any classes in their buildings and Professional Development will support them in InspirED.  Please review the Certified Class Development Guide linked below for further instructions.  If an instructor wants to be paid to teach the class, that would be the building's responsibility.


Certified Class Development Guide 2016-2017


Class Outline Guidelines 2016-2017


About the PD Catalog

DCSD Employees use their single sign-on to access the PD Catalog system.

(Note: Outside participants will start with the creation of an account in the PD Catalog. Follow the simple directions for account creation.)

You can search the PD Catalog using the search bar on the top of the landing page. You can click the browse button to view all offerings in the system.

From there you can narrow your search for specific areas of interest. Once you click on the items of your choice, you will see the course offerings. Follow these steps to register:

  • Click on the course
  • Read the course description to determine if the course will fit your needs
  • Click on the date of the course offering
  • Read additional information regarding the course
  • Scroll down and check the box for position within DCSD (i.e. Certified, Classified, Non-employee etc) - Verify that you are available for all dates and times of course sessions
  • Scroll to the session offering you like and click on “register”
  • An email confirmation of your registration and a reminder email will be sent a few days prior to the beginning of the course to the email address you entered in your account

Professional Growth Incentives Criteria

Staff participants must fulfill specific requirements for each incentive:

1.  Contact time of 15+ hours for each incentive. 

  • Only complete sessions will be included in each incentive. Classes will be listed in the Course Catalog under the category of Professional Growth Incentive.
  • Hours left over from one incentive will not be included in, or rolled into the next incentive.
  • ALL PGI-eligible classes MUST be held outside of regularly scheduled work hours.
  • SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO SUBMIT FOR PGI STIPENDS.  However, substitute teachers can receive relicensure credit as designated per class.

2.  Participation is the employee’s choice. Selection of the class, attendance of all sessions, and completion of an assessment is the responsibility of the employee.

3.  Full attendance is expected for all session dates as listed in the course description. 

  • Please plan your schedule accordingly. If you cannot attend all scheduled session dates and times, please register for the next session the class is offered. In the case of an emergency, a single class session may be made up at the instructor’s discretion. 
  • The instructor determines the availability and type of “make-up” work. The instructor will verify attendance via a class sign-in sheet. Be sure to sign in each time you attend.

4.  An assessment is a demonstration of knowledge and skills learned and will be required by the instructor. The assessment may be a written reflection or a defined product.

5.  PGI sessions must have started and ended between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

PGI Class Credit Submission 2016-2017

Bringing Industry Professionals into the Classroom

In our quest to prepare our students for career and/or college readiness, we know the importance of exposing them to authentic experiences that reflect the real world tasks and expectations of industry.

That is why the Douglas County School District (DCSD) encourages people that hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, have worked in other industries, and who are interested in a career in education. DCSD offers an alternative path to teacher licensure.

DCSD is recognized by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) as a designated agency for Alternative Licensure.

Initial Requirements for Alternative License


  • Potential candidates must hold a 4-year degree

  • Minimum of 24 credit hours of college coursework in desired content area

  • Passing score on a content related PRAXIS may be required

    • Elementary Educators must pass the PRAXIS test 5018

  • Additional checklist and requirements can be found on the  Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website

Steps for Alternative Licensure

  • Complete CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) fingerprinting as required by CDE

  • Obtain a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)*

  • Preview and apply for job postings that align with your SOE at DCSD Careers

  • Obtain a full-time teaching position within DCSD

  • Enroll in the DCSD Alternative Licensure program

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Applicants must have a Statement of Eligibility from the Colorado Department of Education PRIOR to applying for positions within DCSD.

DCSD Alternative Licensure at a Glance

  • Two-year program that is completed while teaching full time in the classroom

    • 225 total program hours over two years that include:

      • Monthly required workshops

      • Course work

      • Coaching

      • Mentorship

  • Tuition is $6,000 for the two-year program

    • Paid via payroll deduction over 24 months

    • Tuition covers coursework, coaching, and mentoring

  • Upon successful completion of the Alternative Licensure program, candidates are eligible to apply for their Initial Teaching License with CDE.

Contact Us

Victoria Becker
312 Cantril Street
Castle Rock, CO  80104

Amy Lane - Director Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth
Peggy Mueller - Director of Professional Development and Personalized Learning
Tammy Whipple -  Executive Assistant
Arlene Nickerson - Assistant to Directors
Roxanne Derks - Application Support Specialist (InspirED)

Sara Curto -  Assistant Director
Jeff Mlsna - Digital Content Project Manager
David Tybor - Digital Production Project Manager
Marvin Gill - Digital Production Project Manager

Tori BeckerStrategist
Rachel Brown -  Strategist
Jill Casas -  Strategist
Jessica Craig -  Strategist
Ryan Gudmundson -  Strategist
Russell Loucks -  Strategist
Janet Merrill -  Strategist
Kirsten Sola -  Strategist
Melissa Tafoya -  Strategist
Kari Werder -  Strategist

Personalized Learning & Classified:

Melody Bishop - Professional Development Coordinator

Elizabeth Daly - Professional Development Coordinator for Personalized Learning

Jackie Feely - Professional Development Coordinator

Vanessa Hoffman - Professional Development Coordinator

Jenifer Nerwin Professional Development Coordinator

For questions about Alternative Licensure  or Induction contact Amy Lane at aelane[at]dcsdk12[dot]org

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