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Professional Development is offered to school facilities from DCSD's Prevention & School Culture department.

Purpose & Structure of Professional Development

  • activities
  • structured conversations through restorative practices
  • shared meals
  • direct teach
  • games

All content is:

  • based on Social Contagion Theory
  • best-practice for changing unhealthy cultural norms to healthy norms
  • research based
  • based on increasing help-seeking and protective factors

  • When students are more connected to school and encouraged to be their authentic self, student achievement raises exponentially
  • Codes of Silence (bullying, suicide, school violence and substance abuse) lessen when students have a trusted adult in the building

Professional development days are created to help the adults recognize their role in an upstream prevention model. Modeling psychological health to students includes the modeling of:

  • Authentic self
  • Connectedness
  • Help-seeking
  • The use of protective factors for students serving as the first step in supporting students’ psychological safety

Psychological healthy adults foster healthy students & healthy school cultures.

Staci McCormack, DCSD Prevention & School Culture Department