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Pine Lane principal strives to bring authentic experiences to students

Jason Starkey

PARKER – This week marks back to school for students at Pine Lane Elementary and Principal Jason Starkey is striving to make elementary school an experience his students will never forget. 

“The whole reason why most of us get into education is to make a difference, and to hopefully have kids that look back and have that teacher/administrator who really stood out and made a difference,” says Starkey. “I want to make a widespread difference.” 

Starkey’s career journey began after he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado. He began working with children and immediately fell in love with the joy and happiness these students exert. Previously, Starkey was a third-grade and sixth-grade teacher at Soaring Hawk Elementary School before joining the Cimarron Middle School team as an administrator. 

“Kids are real. You can expect honesty and expect them to be 100% up front with you; and the younger they are the more so they do that. You know where you stand with them. I admire that about kids and sometimes we lose that as adults. That’s when I decided this was my thing!”

Starkey wants to encourage his students to become anything they choose and leave Pine Lane Elementary with a clear understanding of the value of being a well-educated, World Class citizen.  

“I want to make things authentic for them,” says Starkey. “Things have changed and we approach education so different now. Hands-on activities, and modeling those authentic experiences are hopefully going to inspire these kids to be something and have confidence in themselves as they embark on their own self-inspired journeys.”

Starkey wants to spark fun and desire in learning.  He keeps in mind that modeling by example, working hard, being diligent and letting students know that learning is fun, are the most important aspects to inspiring Pine Lane students. He strongly believes, in order to develop a good relationship with students, they have to see the success you have had in following your dreams. When’s a better time to start inspiring DCSD students to shoot for the moon then now?

August 12, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Pine Lane Elementary School, Elementary Education

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