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14 signs a teen may be experiencing dating violence

Parent University

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness month and Parent University offered a class to help parents identify the warning signs of relationship violence. Roughly 1.5 million high school boys and girls in the U.S. admit to being intentionally hit or physically harmed in the last year by someone they are romantically involved with and 25% have experienced physical or sexual violence.

One-third of all teens who experience dating violence do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. Victims of dating violence can suffer from thoughts of suicide, depression, drug use, eating disorders and promiscuity.

Know the warning signs and talk to your teen about dating violence!

Warning Signs of Abuse

While there are many warning signs of abuse, below are some common abusive behaviors to look for and discuss with your teen.

  • Excessive jealousy
  • Constantly checking in or making partner check in with him or her
  • Attempts to isolate partner from friends and family
  • Insulting or putting down people that partner cares about
  • Is too serious about the relationship too quickly
  • Has had a lot of bad prior relationships - and blames all of the problems on the previous partners
  • Is very controlling. This may include giving orders, telling partner what to wear, and trying to make all of the decisions
  • Blames partner when he or she treats them badly by telling partner all of the ways partner provoked him or her
  • Does not take responsibility for own actions
  • Has an explosive temper (“blows up” a lot). Pressures partner into sexual activity with which partner is not comfortable
  • Has a history of fighting, hurting animals, or brags about mistreating other people
  • Partner worries about how s/he will react to the things partner says or partner is afraid of provoking him/her
  • Owns or uses weapons
  • Refuses to let partner to end the relationship

Parents: if you think your teen may be experiencing or perpetrating dating violence, please contact The Crisis Center in Douglas County or visit their website at

March 9, 2015 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Parent University

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It may look like a plain, white shipping container was just parked on the backyard grounds of Mountain Vista High School. The contents of the container are anything but plain, though. Walking inside the container, different colors of ambient lighting glow, futuristic-looking equipment and tall towers are suspended from the ceiling, and the humidity level is set to 70 percent. The container has been recycled into a new kind of learning opportunity for students.