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Dad and childResearch shows a direct correlation between parents involved in the education of students and high student achievement. Douglas County School District is committed to increasing parent involvement to ensure DCSD students are the highest achieving in the state.

Many opportunities exist in each school to increase parent involvement. DCSD also works to involve parents in the decision-making, accountability, and guidance of the schools and the district. Ensuring that the needs of students are represented is vital to the remarkable success of DCSD.

An important way DCSD involves parents is through the School Accountability Committee (SAC) and District Accountability Committee (DAC). These advisory committees represent the local control aspect of each school in the District and are required by Colorado state law, according to the Educational Accountability Act of 2009.


Parent and Community Liaison

The DCSD Office of the Parent and Community Liaison was created as part of a statutory requirement to increase the effectiveness of parent involvement in the SACs and DAC. The office also engages the community in support of schools and parents, creating a network to serve DCSD families. Whether through DCSD Parent University, Accountability Committees, or even as a resource for parents needing information and support, this office is committed to serving DCSD families.

School Accountability Committee

Each School Accountability Committee is an advisory committee comprised of parents, community leaders, principals, and teachers who meet and discuss topics of vital importance to their individual school. The SAC makes a recommendation to the principal regarding how the school should spend money, engage parents, create strategies for success, and any other areas or issues that affect the function of the school and the success of students. This important committee meets regularly throughout the school year and is a critical component in the oversight of the school and success of students and staff.

District Accountability Committee

The District Accountability Committee meets monthly throughout the year and makes recommendations to the Douglas County School Board of Education regarding spending district money, charter school applications, improvement plans and parent engagement plans. DAC members also make recommendations for areas and issues for study, as well as teacher and principal assessment tools. This committee collects feedback from and provides information to the SAC.

Get Involved

To get involved in a SAC or the DAC, please visit your child’s school website to find up to date meeting dates, agendas and meeting minutes. All meetings are open to the public and parents are encouraged to submit their names for election to become a voting member of the committee.

School-Community Partnership

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