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About Operations

The Operations Department believes in doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, honestly and without compromising the truth, while exhibiting both expertise and trustworthiness.

Operations photoWe accomplish this by focusing on the following four areas:

Stakeholder Engagement
We will establish practices and processes that support stakeholder participation and communication.

Financial Accountability
We will demonstrate budgetary and financial management that ensures long-term fiscal stability.
We will be recognized for management by fact, results focus and a long-range plan.

Innovation and Deployment
We will develop and deploy incremental and long-range innovative improvements that support school choice, world class education and system performance objectives as derived from the Strategic Plan outcomes.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security is our top priority. We will continually scrutinize our safety and security process and practice to improve.

Safe, clean and comfortable instructional environments that optimize student performance.

From routine and preventive equipment maintenance and cleaning of facilities, to snow removal and landscaping, to corrective and emergency repairs, The Operations and Maintenance Department's: Building Maintenance, Building Modifications, Custodial, Energy Management, Environmental Health Services, Grounds and Sustainability strive to serve our community with prompt and professional services to support our students, teachers, staff and community.

Facilities workerWhat you can expect

  • School environments that optimize student performance and inspire engagement in the learning process: safe, comfortable, clean, well-lit and attractive.
  • Facilities for athletics and activities that are consistently monitored and maintained at a professional standard.

Operations and Maintenance Website

Student Growth via "Challenge by Choice" Curriculum

The Douglas County Outdoor Education Center provides our community with educational, recreational, and social opportunities that focus on the preservation and conservation of the natural environment. 

Riding the ziplineWhat you can expect

  • Outdoor programs that will develop leadership skills and promote responsibility.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for the Douglas County environment and local history.
  • A safe and trusting environment for students and staff to conquer their fears.

Outdoor Education Website

Designing and constructing educational facilities that effectively enhance student potential

The Planning and Construction Department strives to be innovative, efficient and engaging throughout the process of research, development and implementation of capital projects. Our goal is to provide a physical environment that is conducive to learning.

DCSD construction siteWhat you can expect

  • Continuous monitoring of residential development, ensuring the District receives dedicated school sites or cash-in-lieu of land, and capital mitigation fees to help offset the cost of school construction.
  • Project Managers qualified to manage pre-qualified architects, engineers, consultants and contractors performing construction projects. 
  • Ongoing internal audits are to identify, prioritize and estimate costs for facility capital needs.

Planning & Construction Website

Student Safety is Our Number One Priority

We know that students and staff must feel safe and secure before high-level learning can occur. That is why the Douglas County School District has place Safety as our first strategic priority.

24-hour Dispatch Center: 303-387-9999

What you can expect

  • Student, staff and visitor protection
  • Emergency preparedness and planning
  • Environmental services
  • Property and asset protection

Safety & Security Website

Providing safe, friendly, professional, and efficient transportation

Douglas County School District's Transportation Department provides school transportation services for more than 33,000 eligible students. We serve more than 926 square miles throughout Douglas County and beyond.

What you can expect

  • Safe and timely arrival of passengers to school, field trips, activities and events.
  • ​Courteous assistance for students with special needs.
  • Drivers who understand their role in helping children feel safe, supported and ready for learning when they get to the classroom.

Transportation Website