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2016-2017 Master Capital Plan – A Complete Guide to the District’s Capital Needs



With a focus on providing more information with more clarity, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) presented the 2016-2017 Master Capital Plan (MCP) to the Board of Education on June 21, 2016. Each year, the LRPC presents this 5-year plan and highlights forecasted projects to address the aging infrastructure of our existing schools and new schools needed for future growth in enrollment. The plan also lists all the projects, equipment and vehicles needed for the Safety and Security, Transportation and Information Technology departments.

An important feature of the MCP is that every school has two pages that list every project identified for the building and site. This allows for quick reference and enables the Principal, staff, SAC and PTO to easily see the condition of their building and projects forecasted.

Projects are color-coded to note the tiers of importance to the building, and prioritized according to the actual condition and age of the building component. To further help the reader, the introduction includes a tutorial on how to read the project information and how estimated costs are determined.

To address future growth in enrollment, new construction over the next 1-5 and 6-10 years is identified in tabular format and pie charts. Readers can quickly see when and where new schools will be needed for additional capacity.

To learn more about the Master Capital Plan, contact Director of Planning and Construction, Rich Cosgrove at richard.cosgrove[at]dcsdk12[dot]org or 303-387-0018.

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