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Making a difference is never easy. It can seem especially difficult when you are in 3rd grade - but it can be done. Students at Pioneer Elementary School in Parker have been working on a project to save the monarch butterfly from extinction.

Where do you start with such an overwhelming task? Sometimes you just need to know the right people. Parker Town Councilman Joshua Rivero also happens to be a parent to two kids kids working on the project. He has volunteered his time to help them put a plan into action. “You want something done, you can do it at your town hall.” The mayor signs a pledge offering his support.

With help from the councilman and teacher Tammy Velasco, the kids are preparing an action plan to present to the Parker town council. They cover everything from what to say, to where to say it.

When the big day finally arrives the kids are equipped with confidence. After leading the assembled crowd in the pledge of allegiance and observing some of the proceedings, the mayor calls the students up to face the dais. The need for limiting pesticides, planting milkweeds, and spreading the word is central to their presentation.

What they really want is support. “I will gladly go online and support and take the pledge online,” responds mayor Mike Waid. After a signature and applause from the supportive crowd, the students are on their way. They leave knowing that it is possible to make a difference.

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District News

Banner displayed on a brick wall that says "What are your Sources of Strength?"

A fairly new partnership between DCSD’s Prevention & School Culture team and Douglas County Teen Court coordinators is providing a new path for youth offenders. Additionally, Sources of Strength— now present in most DCSD high schools and some middle schools— is establishing a healthy culture and climate with the goal of catching youth long before they fall into unhealthy behaviors or consider taking their own lives.


Cohl in Athens at World Championship game, holding a large American flag over his head

Ponderosa High School student and wrestler Cohlton Schultz has just returned back from Athens, Greece to Colorado after becoming the first United States World Champion in 20 years in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Ponderosa Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Tim Ottman led a 30-minute assembly Wednesday for Cohl, joined by Cohl’s parents, his coaches from the Olympic Training Center, his former Ponderosa wrestling coach (and current Assistant Principal) Corey McNellis, and current wrestling coach Tito Rinaldis.

Student Climbs stairs with Firefighters

“Never forget” became permanently ingrained in our heads and our hearts after the attacks of September 11, 2001. But now, 16 years later, our schools are full of students who weren’t even alive when history was made; leaving many teachers to decipher how and what to teach students about a moment in our history that changed our world forever.