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O&M committed to providing quality service

With the back-to-school rush, O&M crews worked tirelessly to keep up with the more than 1244 work orders received from over 80 buildings district-wide. 1066 of these work orders were completed in the first 28 days of the school year alone. Planner Schedulers Connie Lukas and Maurice Toole did an excellent job of processing work orders and providing information quickly to crews.

Throughout each school year, the Operations & Maintenance team works to ensure that students and staff have safe, clean, and comfortable environments to support learning, health and well-being. We deliver a range of services including emergency response, routine and preventive maintenance. We are committed to providing continuous use of district facilities with minimal disruption to the educational process. We are driven by our values of accountability, service and creating and sustaining a safe environment for our students and staff to succeed.

September 26, 2016 | By smmaresh | Category: Operations_Happening
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