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Shadow the Chef Day winner receives surprise announcement

DOUGLAS COUNTY – Douglas County School District (DCSD) Chef Jason Morse, CEC, along with members of the DCSD Nutrition Services team, made a surprise visit and announcement Wednesday at American Academy-Castle Pines (AA-CP).

Morse named AA-CP 5th Grader Kate Inman as this year’s winner of the district-wide Shadow the Chef Day competition.

“We’re honored students took the competition seriously and I’m especially honored to announce Kate Inman as our first Shadow the Chef Day winner. We challenged students to submit recipes and testimonies showcasing produce and Kate nailed it. She sent us an awesome recipe,” said Morse.

DCSD students in grades 4-12 were given the opportunity to submit recipes featuring the use of fruits and/or veggies along with testimony regarding their passion for healthy food and shadowing Morse for a day.  Nutrition Services received dozens of recipes from students vying for the opportunity.

“We are so proud of Kate and excited for her accomplishment! She has shown great initiative in participating in this special challenge and we’re thrilled to have her efforts pay off. We know she’ll be a great representative for her peers and her school and we’re looking forward to hearing about her experiences with Chef Jason!” said AA-CP Elementary Principal Ron Smith.

Kate submitted her favorite recipe, Tangy Southwest Salad, as conceived by her dad. Salad ingredients include Romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, tomatoes, chunky salsa, cilantro, avocado and sharp cheddar cheese, mixed with a dressing containing olive oil, lime juice, cumin, chili powder and garlic clove.

“You can sprinkle crushed tortilla chips on top if you want,” said Inman.

“I’m looking forward to developing Kate’s recipe, taste testing it and potentially getting it on our menus,” said Morse. “The student-submitted recipes gave us a glimpse at what families eat at their own dinner tables. This outreach helps us to better serve our students.”

In her testimony, Kate explained, “I love tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, edamame, salad and broccoli with balsamic vinegar… my parents tease me about how I would rather eat broccoli than cake!”

“Kate’s love of produce is the exact sentiment we’re trying to convey to students through our Fruits & Veggies Challenge Put-Away-5-A-Day campaign which is going on right now in elementary schools throughout DCSD,” said Morse.  

“We’ve a great shadow day planned with Kate and her parents,” said Morse. The specific Shadow Day date will be set based on the mutual scheduling preferences of the winner, parent chaperone and the Chef.

November 15, 2013 | By rmbarber | Category: Nutrition Services

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