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DCSD lunch rooms are getting ready for Colorado Proud Day, Wednesday, September 13

Meal on a school lunch tray

Students in the Douglas County School District (DCSD), as well as those throughout Colorado, will be enjoying a homegrown lunch menu on Wednesday, September 13, as part of Colorado Proud Day, an annual event that celebrates Colorado agriculture and educates schoolchildren about healthy eating.

By proclamation, Governor John Hickenlooper announced, “the Colorado Proud program inspires local school districts to incorporate local ingredients into menus by connecting them with Colorado producers and chefs. Eating healthy, wholesome foods provides Colorado’s schoolchildren with improved health and a better chance to succeed in the classroom.”

For DCSD’s Colorado Proud lunch menu, Nutrition Services chefs and staff are offering the following delicious foods:

MM Local Zucchini Pickle: MM Local partners directly with organic family farmers to preserve the best of their harvests. Simple ingredients and small batch, traditional recipes highlight the exceptional freshness and flavor of organic produce from family farms. They add, “It’s great food from good people that tastes like it’s supposed to. Our Organic Zucchini Bread and Butter Pickles featured for Colorado Proud Day were grown by Milberger Farms in Pueblo, Colorado.  The sweet and savory product is the collaborative result of MM Local working with Colorado farms to develop a recipe for preserving Zucchinis and Summer Squash - two crops that grow well in our state and that farms often have surplus. Enjoy!”

Boulder Sausage Bratwurst: For over 50 years, Boulder Sausage has used the same recipe to make their products.  Using 100% premium lean pork shoulder, seasoned with all natural spices with no MSG, preservatives or artificial enhancers of any kind, they care to serve only the best without sacrificing the taste. DCSD Nutrition Services staff add, “we are proud to offer Boulder Sausage’s Bratwurst Link as our Colorado Proud Entrée.”  

Fingerling Potatoes from Strohauer Farms: Strohauer Farms is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated farm based in northern Colorado. The farm includes organic and conventional potatoes, onions, and wheat, as well as conventional corn, hay and triticale. They are dedicated to being good stewards of the land and committed to producing the highest quality of produce possible for their customers.

Froozers: A fast growing Denver company is catching a lot of attention for its new twist on an old favorite: frozen fruit pops. Froozer products represent the pure goodness of freshly harvested fruits picked at the peak of their ripeness, flash frozen whole and blended for optimal taste and nutrition.  Made with 100% whole fruit, no sugar, juice or concentrate added, Froozers are fruits and vegetables in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted, not even a drop of water.


To celebrate Colorado Proud Day, DCSD Nutrition Services staff will be spending the lunch hour  with students, parents, teachers, and staff at South Ridge Elementary School in Castle Rock as part of an outdoor barbeque event. They will also be joined by a 44-student pep band from Douglas County High School, who will perform for the crowd.

Revisit last year's Colorado Proud Day, below:


September 7, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Nutrition Services

District News

Last month, the Board of Education passed a resolution tasking the Superintendent to convene a task force inclusive of members of the general public and staff members. This task force will develop a survey for parents of students eligible for special education services and a survey for staff members who serve students eligible for special education services.

Board members sitting at the dais

CASTLE ROCK - On February 6, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education confirmed its commitment to begin the process of seeking approval from voters for additional local funding.

“Our children need a bond and mill levy override (MLO) to be passed in 2018, beyond any doubt,” said DCSD Board of Education President David Ray. “We want to move forward immediately with the necessary processes and collaboration with our community in order to finalize a formal funding package.”

Eleven Douglas County School District schools have been named recipients of the 2017 John Irwin Schools of Excellence Awards. The John Irwin awards are given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time. These schools received an "Exceeds Expectations" rating on the Academic Achievement indicator of the School Performance Frameworks reflecting exceptional performance in Math, English Language Arts, and Science.