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7 DCSD Teams Compete at the Destination Imagination Global Finals

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - 2013 marked Destination Imagination’s 30th Anniversary and the largest Global Finals ever. What a thrilling time for seven Douglas County School District teams to qualify to compete internationally at the Destination Imagination (DI) Global Finals.
This year, nearly 1250 teams from 42 states and 14 countries converged on the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in late May to compete and present their Challenge solutions. 
Global Finals is the equivalent of the Olympics for creative problem solving -- supporting the DI organization's mission "to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st Century Skills and creativity". 
DCSD students competed against teams from all across the United States, plus Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey.  There were a total of 1,419 teams at Globals.  
Douglas County School District Team Results
Northridge Elementary's "Duct Tape and Cover"; 10th place of 74 teams
Sierra Middle School's "Flibbertiggibbet"; 20th place of 83 teams
Pine Lane/Sierra's "Three Brunettes and a Blonde"; 25th place of 67 teams  
Buffalo Ridge's "TV Tornadoes"; 27th place of 78 teams
ThunderRidge/Rock Canyon/Highlands Ranch's "The Technicolor Sporkateers"; 32nd place of 49 teams
Northridge/Cresthill/Mountain Ridge's "One Dancing Pickle and Three Unimpressed Cucumbers": 34th place of 74 teams
Ranch View/Roxborough's "Pearly Harbors - Winds of Change": 35th place of 75 teams
The 2013 DCSD Global Finals Teams
In order to compete at finals, the teams had to qualify at the state tournament. Here are their entries:
Northridge Elementary's "Duct Tape and Cover" won First place at State in Wind Visible, Middle Level.
Team Members: Amanda Marlow, Stacy Lee, Gloria Lee, Madeleine Cassic, Chloe Kim, all 6th graders at Northridge Elementary.  Team manager Kim Marlow. 
The setting of the team’s solution was the "Justice Oaks Retirement Hall". This was the home of our five elderly superheroes: Wonder Woman who has love handles that have their own gravitational pull, Superman who has an issue with aerodynamics because he has a huge bunyon, Batman who lost his hearing and is delusional and continues to speak to Robin who has moved to Florida so he is not being sickened by wind turbines, Flash who is slowed by arthritis, and Rubberman who's arms are so stretched out they are in two different zip codes. We created a Rube Goldberg-ish piece of kinetic art that is an age remover Batman invented when Robin suggested he solve all their issues at once. The kinetic art piece is wind driven and has five different moving aspects that keep it going for the required time. 
The kids had a great time engineering the art and integrating that with a very unique story.
ThunderRidge, Rock Canyon and Highlands Ranch High Schools' "The Technicolor Sporkateers" won Second place at State in Project Outreach Real to Reel, Secondary Level.  One of the team members is currently an exchange student in Russia, and participated in the tournament via Skype.
Team Members: Elise Collins, Shivani Chauhan, Caleb Pimmel, Lesleigh Stabo, Jasmine Lennert, all high school Juniors at ThunderRidge, Rock Canyon and Highlands Ranch.  Caleb is currently a Rotary exchange student in Magadan, Russia, and participated in the tournament via Skype.  Team manager Cathy Collins. 
Northridge Elementary, Cresthill Middle School and Mountain Ridge Middle School's "One Dancing Pickle and Three Unimpressed Cucumbers" won Third place at State in Wind Visible, Middle Level.
The team's challenge inspired them to develop an original story loosely based on "A Christmas Carol" - featuring the ghost of Bob Marley, create an original piece of kinetic art and integrate research on wind energy.
Team Members: Jack Vasquez (8th, Cresthill), Henry Kaufman (7th, Mountain Ridge), Zoe Johnston and Olivia Vasquez (6th, Northridge Elementary).  Team managers Ashley and Jose Vasquez.  
Pine Lane Elementary and Sierra Middle School's "Three Brunettes and a Blonde" won First place in Project Outreach Real to Reel, Middle Level.
The team decided that Childhood Obesity was a major problem and so created an event to teach kids about nutrition and exercise in a fun way.  The event was held at Sierra Middle School.  The team recruited volunteers, participants, and sponsors (Sprouts, 24-hour fitness, Chipotle, etc.).  The team documented the event by creating a stop animation movie using Legos.  They received a Renaissance Award for creating an amazing 4D effect throughout their performance.
Team Members: Bailey Reisdorph (7th grade Sierra Middle School), Georgia Reisdorph (3rd grade Pine Lane Elementary), Alexis Smith (8th grade Falcon Creek Middle School), and Allison Smith (4th grade Trails West Elementary).  Team managers Nichole Reisdorph and Renee Charlifue-Smith. 
Sierra Middle School's "Flibbertigibbet" won Fourth place at State in In Disguise, Middle Level.
Team Members: Skyler Hoeger, Kinsey Baber, Ella Thompson, Kate Padrnos, Alex Hernandez, Nathan Hile, Aaron Clark, all 7th graders at Sierra MS.  Team manager Val Hoeger
Ranch View Middle School and Roxborough Elementary's "Pearly Harbors - The Winds of Change" won Second place at State in Wind Visible, Middle Level.
The team used a historical event (the bombing of Pearl Harbor) and rewrote history for a positive change.  The Invisible Visitors in their story are the 2 presidents that span the time from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the bombing of Japan with Nuclear Bombs -- Presidents FDR and Truman.  The team showed how building a "de-radiationer" powered by Wind Energy would help a country with no electrical or other power source -- like Japan during the bombing.  The ending to the story is that the US and Japan became allies and celebrate their friendship with an annual festival. 
Team Members: The Winds of Change:  Sid Arora 7th, Reina Arora 5th, Mackenzie Burke 8th, Katarina Burke 6th, Michael Stepniowski 7th, Hannah Johannesman 7th, Allison Phillips 6th at Ranch View Middle School and Roxborough Elementary.  Team Managers Sean Burke and Alpana Arora. 
Buffalo Ridge Elementary's "TV Tornadoes" won Second place at State in In Disguise, Elementary Level.
Team Members: Katie Carlson 5th, Chris Manion 5th, Ryan Carlson 2nd, Tierney Kellish 5th, Chloe Voss 4th, all at Buffalo Ridge Elementary.  Team manager Angela Carlson.
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