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DCSD Geek Camp Dispels Mystery, Fear Out of New Technologies

DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO – Gone are the days of chalkboards and here to stay are the latest technologies in the Douglas County School District (DCSD). In an effort to keep staff up-to-date and educated on the latest and best technologies for the classroom, DCSD hosted its 2013 Geek Camp at the Challenge to Excellence Charter School in Parker, July 8-12.
"With technology constantly evolving, its no wonder that staff can get overwhelmed and confused by all the different tools out there," stated Kim McMonagle, Director of Educational Technology and Geek Camp facilitator. "Geek Camp aims to help all DCSD staff embrace these new technologies to make learning in the classroom more fun and interactive.  Our only prerequisite to attend Geek Camp was that you know how to click."
Hundreds of teachers from all over Colorado attended DCSD’s Geek Camp to have a place and time to receive and share knowledge with direct, collaboration and un-conference sessions at no cost to them.  Course subjects combine themes with tools, including but not limited to communication and collaborating using Advanced Google Apps; Constructivism:  Inquiry methods in project based learning; and giving learners a voice using infographics and QR codes. 
"I have learned so much during the classes and don't feel completely lost when the instructors speak 'geek,'” said Maureen Fesker, Learning Specialist at Bear Creek Elementary School.  “I would have to say that my geekiest moment this week was when my mom called me to ask me computer questions.  She thought I would know the answer since I was going to Geek Camp. And yes, I answered the question correctly!”
“Each session has been a great experience!” said Nancy Geilen, teacher at Sagewood Middle School.  “Geek Camp makes you realize that what you think you know is really just the tip of the iceberg.”
In addition, all sessions excluding un-conference sessions count toward re-licensure and for DCSD educators to receive PGI. DCSD employees can get more information at
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