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Governor’s office chooses Legend senior to represent Douglas County

PARKER – A Legend High School senior has been chosen for a huge honor—the chance to represent Douglas County during a governor led effort to rebrand Colorado.
In an attempt to involve and unify communities, spark local economies, and attract tourism in the state, Governor John Hickenlooper has launched Making Colorado, an effort to find new ways to market the state.  As part of the project he chose two high school students from each county, including Legend senior Kristen Autret, to participate in an eight week long social media internship.  
Each week follows a theme, and they were instructed to create a Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account where they could post pictures, stories and facts about their county.
One weeks theme allowed for Autret to discover Daniels Park; known for its’ hiking and biking trails, historical significance, and wildlife.  She couldn’t believe the vastness and diversity of suburban Douglas County.
“I really wanted to reach out to the community and show that these things are right under their nose,” Autret said.
She stumbled upon the opportunity with Making Colorado while surfing the Internet and went into it blindly, not realizing how much work it was actually going to be.  It has turned out to be a perfect summer project, however. Without schoolwork or a job, she has poured herself into the project, which will look great on her resume.
“For me, it’s about the experience.  I get to interact with Colorado leaders who care about the community as much as I do.  It also fits perfectly into what I want to do as a career so I am just grateful for the opportunity.”
Autret is still deciding where she wants to pursue her degree in mass communication and public relations, but she is confident that she will remain in Colorado. 
As part of her project she has to attain more than 100 followers. Follow her on the following social media accounts: 
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