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Douglas County School District ranks among the best for transparency

DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO – Sunshine Review has rated Douglas County School District (DCSD) among the highest in Colorado with an A- grade.
“We value transparency and we have made it a priority for our board,” said DCSD Board of Education President John Carson.  “We know we have the finest schools in Colorado and the nation.  We’re very proud of student achievement, staff accomplishments, financial stability, and strong management and we want our community to know it.”
Sunshine Review is dedicated “to state and local government transparency, engaged citizens, and holding government officials accountable.” The Sunshine Review website is a wiki site that collects and shares information about state and local transparency using a 10-point Transparency Checklist to evaluate 6,000 state and local government websites. 
According to Carson, the district has taken steps to improve transparency including:
• Posting all financial information online:  All DCSD financial information is online and available to the public via the financial transparency link on the DCSD website (  This includes the complete 2012-2013 Budget, all audit information, as well as local tax tables.   
• Budget facts:  In addition to posting financial information, DCSD has built a budget facts web page to address frequently asked questions about financial information. DCSD has also produced a number of videos explaining the budget.  Senior staff members regularly participate in both employee and community forums to present financial information and answer questions.  
• Open meetings:  DCSD records and posts audio of all Board of Education meetings.  In addition, a link to the audio and a summary is sent to both parents and employees in weekly newsletters.  For the first time last Spring, DCSD conducted open negotiations and provided audio of those meetings online.  DCSD is the only school district in the state that made negotiations public.  
• Communication:  DCSD has also improved and provided many additional communication avenues in order to provide easy access to information.  Among the new communication tools introduced in the last year are the DCSD App (available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play), telephone townhalls, and a weekly radio show, “Let’s Talk Education,” hosted by Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen.
“We are proud of our A- rating and will continue to improve transparency throughout the district,” added Carson.
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