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Open negotiations begin, proposals laid out

CASTLE ROCK – The Cantril Building was the site of an historic moment in Douglas County Schools on Wednesday; the beginning of open negotiations between DCSD and the Douglas County Federation of Teachers (DCFT).
The meeting began shortly after 9 a.m. on April 11, with a quick introduction for the small group of community members and reporters who gathered to watch. While the public was encouraged to attend the session, there was no interaction or comment permitted.
Assistant Superintendent Dan McMinimee kicked off the negotiations process by presenting the District’s teacher contract proposal which includes a raise for all employees, the addition of several benefits, and an effort to create a healthier work environment within DCSD.
Read the entire DCSD proposal HERE.
After lunch, it was DCFT’s turn. Federation president Brenda Smith and other representatives outlined the union’s goals. Read the DCFT proposal HERE.
If you would like to listen to the negotiations, click on one of the audio files below:

Session 1: Introduction & DCSD Contract Proposal
Session 2: DCSD Proposal (cont.) & Medical Benefits
Session 3: DCFT Contract Proposal
Session 4: Contract Discussion & Adjournment

While the District and DCFT are not expected to begin reconciling their contract proposals until the next negotiation session later this month, the two sides were able to find agreement on one issue: the package of medical benefits for employees. The issue was brought up separately from the rest of the contract negotiation in order to ensure that the benefits are in place for the fiscal year, which begins on July 1.

An historic moment
Wednesday’s open negotiation, approved by the Douglas County Board of Education in March, is a bold move towards increased transparency.

The Douglas County Board of Education has made transparency a keystone of District policy. In addition to open negotiations, the Board has instituted financial transparency measures, open public forums, telephone town halls, school visits, webinars, online news publications, and community outreach to provide students, parents, employees, and taxpayers with information and resources about the district.

Updates regarding negotiations will be posted at:

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