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Questions or Concerns

Middle School is an exciting and challenging time.  Our middle school educators understand this and are committed to being responsive in meeting the needs of your individual child. Communication and resolution of concerns are a priority. We believe that complaints are best handled when both sides work together to find a solution at the level closest to the situation.

As per Policy KE: The Board believes that complaints and grievances are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible. Therefore, to ensure quick and effective problem solving, please channel concerns or complaints involving instruction, discipline, or learning materials as follows:
1. When possible, encourage your son/daughter to address the concern or solve the problem independently.
2. Contact the teacher directly either by phone or email.  
3. If still unresolved contact school administration for additional assistance.
If you feel you have exhausted efforts for resolution at the school level, feel free to contact the Director of Middle Schools.  We will work together with school personnel and your family to ensure best results for your child’s education.

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