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Movie produced and starring middle school students premieres

HIGHLANDS RANCH - “Smile for the cameras!”, “What are you wearing tonight?” and “Would you like any popcorn?” were just a few of the remarks overheard at the premiere of “The Rock Crew” movie at Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) on Friday, May 11.

The premiere of the movie to the community was a spectacular event, with a sell-out crowd of over 550 people. Attendees entered the school and walked the red carpet where “paparazzi” photographed them, and interviewers asked them about their evening and their attire. Photos were taken in front of a large “Oscar” statue, and popcorn and candy were sold at the concession stand. T-shirts, autographed posters and DVD’s of the movie were also for sale throughout the evening. Following the screening of the movie, viewers participated in a Question and Answer session with the cast.

“The Rock Crew” was a film based loosely on “The Breakfast Club”, and it starred, and was completely created, filmed and edited by RHMS students. Auditions for the cast took place back in September, and filming occurred on weekends throughout the year. Nighthawk Television students planned every scene, shot and edited the trailers, created the credits and special effects, worked the cameras, lights and microphones, and edited the film. It was a time intensive project, but the final product was amazingly professional and very entertaining!

Nighthawk Television teachers Scott Melanson and Tim Ryckman, and Drama teacher Maclain Looper oversaw the project. “The best part of putting this movie together was knowing that I was a part of something that will live on for so many years to come,” remarked Ryckman. “These kids will look back on this project thirty or forty years from now and talk about how they were part of a movie once, how much they learned and what a blast we had. That is special! Over 100 kids had their hands on this project, which is just amazing!”

8th grade student Sam Hulsizer was one of the stars of the film and felt that the end result was worth all of the time and effort that went into the making of the movie. “I was astounded by the final product…it was breathtaking seeing it all come into play,” stated Hulsizer. “The premiere was absolutely amazing…I had so much fun! The interviews, the lights, the fans, everything couldn’t have been more perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!”

“The Rock Crew” exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. The movie premiere was a tribute to the exceptional staff and students at RHMS.

November 9, 2013 | By rmbarber | Category: Middle School Education

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