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Meet Taylor M Merritt, Athletic Trainer at Castle View High School

Name: Taylor M Merritt
Position: Part Time Athletic Trainer
School: Castle View
How many years have you been at your DCSD school?
Starting 2nd year
Where did you go to school?
Castle View High School and graduated college from the University of Utah
What is your favorite thing about working at your school?
I love working with the kids they keep me on my toes and young at heart
What is your best memory while working at your DCSD school?
Getting tears in my eyes at football senior night, being so proud of all that these kids have accomplished and knowing they will go on to accomplish even more in their future
What are some other professional experiences you have had?
University of Utah Football and Skiing
What are you surprisingly good at?
I'm definitely good at organizing the training room, and getting the kiddos back in line when they get a little out of hand.
What is the biggest proof that you are good at what you do?
My kids trust me and know they can come to me for anything
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Balancing all that I put myself to do. Last year I worked full time managing a company while also working part time at CV as the assistant ATC. And this year, balancing another full time job, working at CV, grad school and a puppy.
What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
I would work and travel for the US Ski Team
Family details:
It's me and my pup Kona! Oh and my boyfriend too