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Medicaid Reimbursement

The DCSD School Medicaid Reimbursement Program receives reimbursement through the State of Colorado's School Health Services program. The State of Colorado's School Health Services Program allows school districts to seek reimbursement from Medicaid for health-related services provided to Medicaid-eligible students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan). Medicaid claiming for health-related services given at school does not diminish a child’s Medicaid* benefits in other settings. Per Colorado Medicaid law, Medicaid reimbursements to school districts are used to support health-related services, programs, equipment, supplies, and education to improve and enhance health and wellness for all students in Douglas County School District. Douglas County School District School Medicaid reimbursement funds currently support:

  • School Nursing Positions
  • Mental Health coordination and programatic support
  • Emergency health-related funding for uninsured and underinsured students
  • Health-related materials, equipment and supplies
  • Health-related staff development
  • Health-related resources funding for schools
  • Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) Outreach and staff training

Directory Release: Board Policy JRA/JRC authorizes directory release of information for the School Medicaid Reimbursement Program’s eligibility match.  

Medicaid Parent Consent Form (English / Spanish)
Medicaid Annual Parent Notification Form (English / Spanish)
*Colorado's Medicaid Program is now called HEALTH FIRST COLORADO.  To determine your student's eligibility for Medicaid, you may apply online at .  For more information about applying for Colorado Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), please click here.