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Legal Counsel

Will Trachman
General Legal Counsel

Deputy General Counsel
DCSD Records Assistant
620 Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-387-0275
Fax: 303-387-0107

Legal Counsel provides, manages, and coordinates all legal services for the Douglas County School District, representing the Board of Education, Superintendent and District administrators.

Our Focus
Legal Counsel strives to continually serve Douglas County employees, students, parents and community in these three areas:

Providing trusted, objective and confidential advice and legal representation to the leaders of the Douglas County School District in matters ranging from truancy cases to the defense of DCSD’s policies.

Making sure that our actions reflect our values, by ensuring legal compliance across all District operations. This also diminishes potential liability.

Advocating for the best interests of our students. In concert with the District’s lobbyist, Legal Counsel works to write policies that support the work of our employees and students, while also pushing for new laws at the local, state and national level that coincide with the values and efforts of the Douglas County School District.

Our Role
While the role of Legal Counsel varies from day to day, the following is a list of topics we handle or have influence in:

  • Ethics Policy Compliance
  • School Board Operations
  • Open Public Meetings Act Compliance
  • Litigation Management and Tort Claims
  • Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • District and School Operations
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Compliance
  • Property Management & Property Sales
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Labor and Employment Issues
  • Educational Operations Issues
  • Student 504 Accommodation
  • Special Education
  • Student Issues
  • Public Records and Student Records Compliance
  • Risk Management (Risk and Loss Prevention)
  • District Safety and Security
  • Constitutional Issues

The Board of Education and Superintendent Policies have been aligned with Policy Governance. Policies indicated as Board File are policies needing approval of the Board of Education. Policies indicated as Superintendent File need the approval of the Superintendent.

E-Support Services

EBAB - Hazardous Materials
         EBAB-R - Hazardous Materials
EBB/EBBB - Accident Prevention and Procedures/First Aid/Accident Reports
EBBA - Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
         EBBA-R - Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
EBCA - Disaster Plans
EBCB - Fire Drills
         EBCB-R - Fire Drills
EBCE - School Closings and Cancellations
         EBCE-R - School Closings and Cancellations
ECA/ECAB - Security/Access to Buildings
         ECA-R - Video Surveillance Equipment
ECAC - Vandalism
ECD - Custodial Services
ECE - Traffic and Parking Controls
ECF - Energy Policy
EDB - Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment
         EDB-R - Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment
EEAA - Transportation Eligible Students
EEAC - School Bus Scheduling and Routing
         EEAC-R - School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAE - School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA - Bus Driver Requirements, Training and Responsibilities
EEAEAA - Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing
         EEAEAA-R - Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing
EEAEAB - Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing for Employees Without Commercial Driver's License
EEAF - Special Use of School Buses
EEAFB - Use of School Buses by Community Groups
         EEAFB-R - Use of School Buses by Community Groups
EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
EF - Food Services
EFC - Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
EFF - Food Services for the Elderly
EGAD - Copyright Compliance
         EGAD-R - Copyright Compliance
EGAEA - Public Electronic Mail Records
EGD - Use of Electronic Signatures
EI - Insurance Management


IGA - Curriculum Development
          IGA-R - Curriculum Development
          IGA-E - District Course Proposal Form
IHBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities
IHBD - Compensatory Education (Title I)
IJ - Textbook and Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption

         IJ-E - Textbook and Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Request Checklist
         IJ-E1 - Proposal to Adopt a Textbook
         IJ-E2 - Proposal to Adopt A Novel/Book-Length Work (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama)
         IJ-R - Textbook and Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
IJA - Selection of Controversial Learning Resources
         IJA-E-3 - Guest Speaker Permission Form
         IJA-R - Selection of Controversial Learning Resources
IJB - Instructional Use of Media Resources
         IJB-R - Instructional Use of Media Resources
IJC - Instructional Resources
IJL - Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IJOA - Field Trips and Excursions
IK - State-Mandated Assessments
IKA - District Assessment Policy
IKAB - Student Progress Reports to Parents/Guardians and Students
         IKAB-R-1 - Student Progress Reports to Parents/Guardians and Students
         IKAB-R-2 - Student Progress Reports to Parents/Guardians and Students
IKE - Promotion and Retention of Students
IKF - Graduation Requirements
         IKF-R-1 - Diploma and Graduation Requirements
         IKF-R-2 - MS HS Credit Policy
         IKF-R-3 - Graduation Competencies (beginning with the Class of 2021)
IKFA - Early Graduation
IKFB - Community Service
IKFC - Physical Education Waiver
         IKFC-E - Physical Education Waiver Form
IMBB - Exemptions from Required Instruction
         IMBB-R - Exemptions from Required Instruction
IMDB - Flag Displays


JBA - Nondiscrimination/Non-Harassment of Students
JBB - Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability
         JBB-R - Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability
         JBB-R-1 - Section 504 Due Process Hearing Procedure
         JBB-E-1 - Section 504/ADA Form A
         JBB-E-2 - Section 504/ADA Form B
         JBB-E-3 - Section 504/ADA Form C
JCA/JFB - Assignment of Students to Schools, School Choice and Open Enrollment
         JCA/JFB-R - Assignment of Students to Schools, School Choice and Open Enrollment
JC - School Attendance Areas
JEB - Entrance Age
JECBA - Admission of Foreign Students
JF - Student Admissions and Denial Of Admissions
         JF-R-1 - Procedures For Denial Of Admission
         JF-R-2 - Admission and Denial of Admission (Procedures for Students in Out-of-Home Placements)
JFAB - Admission of Nonresident and Homeless Students
         JFAB-R - Student Residency
JH - Student Attendance
         JH-R - Student Count Documentation for Online Schools
JHA - Student Withdrawal From School/Dropouts
JHCE - Medical Emergencies
         JHCE-R - Responding to Receipt of a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Directive
JHD - Exemptions from School Attendance: School Release Permits
JI/JIA - Student Rights and Responsibilities/Due Process Rights
JIC/JICDA - Student Conduct
JICA - Student Dress
JICB - Prevention of Bullying
JICC - Student Conduct on School Buses
         JICC-R-1 - Student Conduct on School Buses (Procedural Guidelines)
         JICC-R-2 - Student Conduct on School Buses (Student Safety and Rules of Conduct)
         JICC-R-3 - Student Conduct on School Buses (Bus Passes)
JICEA - Student Publications Code
JICF - Gang-Related Behaviors and Dress
JICG - Smoking and Other Uses of Tobacco by Students
JICH - Student Involvement Regarding Drugs and Alcohol
         JICH-R - Student Involvement Regarding Drugs and Alcohol
JICI - Weapons in School
JICJ - Student Use of District Information Technology
         JICJ-R - Student Use of District Information Technology
JIH - Searches
JIHA - Student Possession and Use of Portable Electronic Devices (Including Cellular Phones)
JJA - Student Organizations (Secondary Schools)
JJF - Student Activities Funds Management
JJI - Interscholastic Athletics
JK - Student Discipline
JKA - Corporal Punishment/Use of Reasonable Restraint by Employees
         JKA-R - Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint
         JKA-E - Student Restraint Incident Report
JKC - Discipline of Habitually Disruptive Students
         JKC-R - Discipline of Habitually Disruptive Students
JKD/JKE - Student Suspension, Expulsion, and Classroom Removal
         JKD/JKE-R - Student Suspension, Expulsion, and Classroom Removal
JLCC - Communicable Diseases and Long-Term Illnesses
JLCD - Administering Medicines to Students
         JLCD-E-1 - Student Medication Request and Release Agreement
         JLCD-E-2 - School Medication Record
         JLCD-E-3 - Permission to Carry/Self-Administer Medication
         JLCD-E-4 - Contract to Carry/Self-Administer Medication
JLCDA - Students With Food Allergies
          JLCDA-R - Stock Epinephrine for Severe Allergic Reactions
         JLCDA-E - Allergy & Anaphylaxis Action Plan
JLCDB - Administering Medical Marijuana, Hemp Oils and/or Cannabinoid Products
JLDA - Student Psychological Services
         JLDA-R - Student Psychological Services
JLDAC - Screening/Testing of Students
JLF - Reporting Child Abuse
         JLF-R - Reporting Child Abuse
JQ - Student Fees
         JQ-E - Student Fees, Appendix A
         JQ-E - Student Fees, Appendix B
         JQ-R - Student Fees
JRA/JRC - Student Education Records
         JRA-R/JRC-R - Student Education Records
         JRA/JRC-E-1 - Authorization to Release Student Records
         JRA/JRC-E-2 - Request to Inspect and Review Student Ed Records
         JRA/JRC-E-3 - Request to Other Educational Agencies for Release



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U.S. Supreme Court remands Choice Scholarship Program case following Trinity Lutheran decision
The Colorado Supreme Court will soon reconsider its 2015 decision 

On June 26, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court sent DCSD Choice Scholarship Program case back to Colorado, saying that the Colorado Supreme Court must reconsider its 2015 ruling in light of its ruling in a similar case in Missouri. On Monday, the Supreme Court Justices ruled 7-2 that Missouri's decision to deny Trinity Lutheran Church certain state funds for a preschool playground violated the U.S. Constitution's protection of the free exercise of religion. Missouri's state Constitution, like Colorado's, forbade financially supporting a religious institution.

The decision is expected to have direct implications on the Choice Scholarship Fund, because Colorado has similar language in its constitution. Article IX, Section 7, otherwise known as the Blaine Amendment, states that no public funds can be used to aid or support any “sectarian” institution. 

Following the 2015 by the Colorado Supreme Court, the DCSD Board of Education launched a second Choice Grant Program, which excluded religiously-affiliated private schools. It was also enjoined and has since been rescinded. The rescission occurred on November 15, 2016.

About the Choice Scholarship Program
Passed in March of 2011, the Choice Scholarship Program would provide up to 500 Douglas County students with grants to be used for a private partner school of their choice. In order to be eligible, students must be Douglas County School District residents who are currently attending a DCSD school and have resided in the District no less than one year. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds 500 a lottery would be conducted to select scholarship recipients.

The program was patterned after similar programs upheld by the courts. Grants will be provided to parents, who may choose whichever secular private partner school they wish.


Choice Scholarship School
The Board of Education created the program so that the Douglas County School District will provide 85% of the per pupil revenue as a grant to the students’ families. Those families then choose a private-partner school that best fits their educational needs.

The Choice Scholarship School will be accountable for the student’s success. In fact, the district will closely monitor each student’s progress—through DCSD administered assessments and close communication with private partner schools.

Private-Partner Schools
In 2011, prior to the injunction, the Douglas County School District accepted applications from all interested private schools in area. Each school had to submit to a rigorous analysis of its academic programs and financial records. Under the recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling, religious schools will not be eligible to participate in the Grant program. Schools are not required to alter their admittance requirements as a part of applying to partner with DCSD.

Potential Private-Partner Schools




Zip Code


Accelerated Schools

2160 South Cook Street




Alpine Valley School

4501 Parfet St

Wheat Ridge



Aspen Academy

5859 S. University Blvd.

Greenwood Village



Beacon Country Day School

6100 E. Belleview

Greenwood Village



Colorado International School

4100 E. Iliff Avenue




Denver Academy

4400 E Iliff Ave. Denver 80222  

Denver Waldorf School

940 Fillmore Denver 80206  

Devereux Colorado

8405 Church Ranch Blvd. Westminster 80021  

Escuela Tlatelolco Centro De Estudios

2949 Federal Blvd. Denver 80211  

Fountain Valley School of Colorado

6155 Fountain Valley School Rd.

Colorado Springs



Foothills Academy

 4725 Miller St. Wheat Ridge 80033  

Garland Country

55 Clermont St. Denver 80220  


2700 S. Zuni Street




Hillspring Learning Center

2776 Janitell Rd Colorado Springs 80906  

Joshua School

2303 E Dartmouth Ave




Mackintosh Academy

7018 S Prince Street Littleton 80120  

Stanley British Primary School

350 Quebec Street Denver 80230  

The Colorado Springs School

21 Broadmoor Ave. Colorado Springs 80906  
The Logan School 1005 Yosemite Street Denver 80906  


The defense of the DCSD Choice Scholarship Program has been mounted using privately raised funds and the intent is that no taxpayer dollars will be used for the defense of the program. Donations have been accepted via the Choice Scholarship Legal Fund.



March 2011
Board of Education passes Choice Scholarship Program (CSP)

July 2011
DCSD launches
 CSP program, holds lottery for scholarships

August 13, 2011
Denver District Court issues permanent injunction

February 29, 2013
Colorado Court of Appeals overturns Denver District Court ruling

December 10, 2014
Colorado Supreme Court hears oral arguments

June 29, 2015
Colorado Supreme Court overturns Court of Appeals ruling

October 28, 2015
DCSD files Writ of Certiorari with US Supreme Court

March 15, 2016
Board of Education approves revised Choice Grant Pilot Program

August 8, 2016
Denver District Court enjoins Choice Grant Pilot Program

November 15, 2016
Board of Education rescinds Choice Grant Program

June 26, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court remands Choice Scholarship Program case back to Colorado Supreme Court following Trinity Lutheran v. Comer ruling


Colorado Court of Appeals Documents

Choice Scholarship Pilot Program Documents

Choice Scholarship Legal Fund Documents