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Learning more about gifted programming at the elementary level

DOUGLAS COUNTY - One of the many options available in Douglas County schools is programming for highly gifted students whose needs exceed what can reasonably be expected from the regular school classroom.

“The Douglas County School District supports a continuum of learning for high potential/gifted learners in grades preK-12," said Dr. Robin Carey, Director of Educational Programming and Services. "With the Elementary Discovery Program , teachers are able to target instruction through the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum that meets the needs of students with demonstrated mastery of concepts that are one, two, or more years above their age peers.”

After completion of an application process, children identified with needs that require the intensity of a self-contained gifted classroom are offered placement in the Elementary Discovery Program on a space availability basis.

How do I know if my child is gifted?

Gifted students often display the following characteristics:

  • ability to learn quickly, resulting in the need for appropriately paced instruction
  • inquisitive and often passionate about one or more areas of interest
  • interests beyond those normally expected of their age peers
  • academically advanced in multiple content areas.

Each fall, the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is administered to help identify students who may benefit from gifted programming. The CogAT is an aptitude test, designed to measure a student’s abilities in the verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal areas.  The results of the assessment are one component in the body of evidence used to determine which students may require the intensive services provided by the Discovery Program.

Multiple criteria are considered in the identification process in order to provide the best match between student, academic need, and the rigorous environment of the program. The body of evidence includes:

-advanced intellectual/high cognitive ability

-high achievement

-a history of above grade level classroom performance

-parent input

-teacher input

-student input

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