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Cyber Security Resources

Securing the Internet is Our Shared Responsibility


To help keep DCSD families and employees cyber-safe, DCSD's Information Technology Security team is sharing some tips and resources that can and should be practiced.

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Securing the Home and Family

Many of us focus on our home network when it comes to cyber security; we know to make sure that it is password protected. We would like to go a few steps further, though, and cover some tips you may not be aware of. Let’s learn how to protect your devices and keep you and your family safe online and protect your information. Read more



Are You Really You?

How would you feel knowing that, on your behalf, companies, marketing firms, games and applications right now could be masquerading as you serving up recommendations, likes, comments, your likeness and even posting and reading your documents on your behalf? This could be the reality if you have accepted apps without reviewing your (and their) privacy settings. Let's audit your accounts. Read more


Targeted Attacks and Phishing

Phishing is a term for a digital form of Social Engineering in which criminals use the variety of digital platforms (email, social media, websites, instant messenger and SMS texts) to solicit information or even to change or take advantage of your behavior online. This tactic is easy to implement and usually pretty effective! Like we have identified above, a healthy amount of skepticism and an understanding of the techniques criminals use will go a long way in protecting your data.  Read more


How to Protect Your Data and Devices While Traveling with Tech

Traveling during an upcoming break? Here are some tips to help secure your tech! Read more




We will continue to update this page with more tips and resources!