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Join us for our Innovation and Safety Summit

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Douglas County Innovation and Safety Summit.

This will not be your average conference experience. This is an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate on transformation of American education. Instructional and operational teams are encourage to attend!

For more information, email communications[at]dcsdk12[dot]org 

Douglas County Innovation Summit

February 22-24, 2016

WHERE:  Douglas County School District, Castle Rock, Colorado
CONFERENCE HOTEL:  Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows
10345 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree, Colorado

Balanced Assessment Systems: Creating Systems to Measure What Matters Most - Part I

The balanced assessment system creates a body of evidence for each of our students on the most important knowledge and skills they must acquire to be college, career and citizenship ready for the 21st century. We created the accountability structures, processes and mechanisms that measure the most important outcomes from each part of our system.  During this session participants will create a framework for their own Balanced Assessment System.

Balanced Assessment Systems: Creating Systems to Measure What Matters Most - Part II

During this session, participants will continue to add to their framework for their own Balanced Assessment System by completing an assessment inventory.  Participants will also explore our systems for evaluating assessments and collecting assessment data for educator evaluations.

Collaboration with our Community to Secure our Schools: CU Boulder Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence; Safe and Sound: Building Safer Schools

CSPV bridges the research community, practitioners and policy makers to prevent violence and antisocial behavior.  Participants will learn restorative strategies and programmatic avenues for positive youth development, as well as ideas for implementation into current practice.

Safe and Sound is a program that aids communities in improving the safety and security of their schools through discussion, collaboration, planning and sharing of information, tools and resources.  Participants will learn about the imperatives and urgencies of proactively planning and supporting school safety.

Creating a World Class Education Learning Academy

How do you design a Professional Development System to support and sustain a WCE? How can a school expand resources to sustain the work long-term?   During this session, participants will have an opportunity to create a draft of a professional development system that focuses on quality, personalization, and sustainability.

Defining a World Class Education: GVC / Curriculum - Part I

The DCSD Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) is a combination of World Class Outcomes based on standards, the 4 C's (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), 21st Century Skills and content. The GVC tells each grade level teacher, student and parent the learning that is expected by the end of each school year or course.  Participants will have an opportunity to extract the processes used in DCDS and consider the application for their own schools.

Defining and Implementing a World Class Education: GVC / Curriculum - Part II

This is a continuation and expansion of Defining a World Class Education:  GVC / Curriculum - Part I.

Integrating 21st Century Tools to Support and Sustain a World Class Education

What tools and strategies are available for implementing high-quality professional development?  During this session, participants will have an opportunity to explore and evaluate 21st learning tools that provide support in creating high quality units and assessments and provide the opportunity for meaningful feedback and allow for the customization of the professional learning experiences.  InspirED, an innovative web-based tool that supports staff in the implementation of a WCE, and customized aspects of the DCSD Learning Academy will be featured.  Participants will have an opportunity to draft ideas they can use to support the work in their own system.

Laying the Foundation for Implementing a World Class Education

What foundational pieces do you need to consider when thinking about implementing a World Class Education? What leadership structure is needed to support the implementation process? These are just two of the questions participants will have an opportunity to explore during this session as they consider strategies they can use in their own districts as they create the infrastructure needed to implement a World Class Education.

Leading Change

During this session, Dr. Liz Fagen, Superintendent for DCSD, will facilitate the collaborative process used by DCSD schools to develop building goals and implementation plans. Participants will have an opportunity to consider their current and desired state, create realistic goals and action steps (input, output and impact), and consider the data needed to monitor progress and the impact on their school.

Lessons Learned: Secret Service Bystander Study; FBI’s Role in School Safety

In 1999, the United States Secret Service and the United States Department of Education embarked on a collaborative endeavor to study incidents of planned or targeted violence in the nation's schools. Participants will learn how to further the prevention of targeted school-based attacks by exploring how individuals with prior knowledge of attacks (‘bystanders’) made decisions regarding what steps, if any, to take after learning the information, and how to increase that proactive reporting.

First-hand perspective of the law enforcement officials who successfully rescued a student from the Alabama school bus kidnapping.  Learn the complexities and intricacies of the coordination of a rescue through a systematic timeline of events.  Participants will learn of modern technology to assist in tracking students and buses in natural disasters and other emergencies.

Workplace shootings continue to plague the nation’s safety and security.  The presenters will share analysis of case studies from active shootings to provide measures to enhance safety and security for businesses and schools through: building enhancements, active shooter behavioral science, best practices for response, and comprehensive threat assessments. 

Options for World Class Learners: What “Choice” means in DCSD

DCSD believes that every student is unique - each has different interests, strengths and challenges. We are committed to partnering with parents to select the very best school and learning environment for every student. During this session, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the DSCD process regarding Choice.

Planning & Construction: Designing 21st Century Schools That are Evidence-Based, Safe & Secure

The Association for Learning Environments, the American Institute of Architects and architects will present findings on physical security from safety summits and various agencies and discuss methods to enhance physical security.  Participants will be provided insights into how to analyze and conceptually retrofit existing schools as well as design new schools to enhance physical safety and security.

Revolutionizing Progress Monitoring of High Level Skills

This session will introduce you to innovative rubrics designed to measure what many districts refer to as standards. WCO Rubrics measure beyond the product, emphasize a student-owned process that can be integrated across all content areas, high level skills, and measure mastery of the DCSD WCOs.  In addition, the WCO Rubrics allow for student/teacher collaboration, personalization and differentiation.  We will also include a brief introduction of our design of a Content Complexity Calculator. Participants will have the opportunity to consider how rubrics designed to promote authentic and/or performance might be helpful in their own design.

Safe2Tell & FBI Cybercrime

How can organizations best prepare themselves against Cybercrime?  Participants in this session will be provided with investigative techniques and resources to secure and support their current infrastructure against:  computer and network intrusions, identity theft, and internet crime fraud.

Safe2Tell is a statewide system that allows anyone to anonymously report threatening behavior that endangers your school community.  Participants will learn about the history of Safe2Tell in Colorado, its evolution and refinement, and how to implement this system in your community.

Sandbox Session: An Opportunity to Work with the Different Tools in “InspirED Innovation”

DCSD's innovative, web-based tool provides teachers with an interactive space to build backward-designed units. From a single tool, teachers can define the outcomes they hope to achieve in class, design assessments to measure those outcomes, and coordinate the learning activities needed to reach their objectives.  Participants will have an opportunity to “play in the sandbox” and use the tools to explore different applications.

School Visits

During the classroom visits, participants will have the opportunity to see WCE strategies in practice. You will choose between visiting two elementary schools or two secondary schools.

Conference Hotel

After the day is done, we know how important it is to be able to recharge. We've teamed up with Denver Marriott South to offer Summit participants with a hotel option close to the action.

About Denver Marriott South

Denver Marriott South features newly-renovated concierge lounges and guestrooms with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains  
We offer complimentary parking and shuttle service within a 8 mile radius, a rare service among South Denver hotels.

The onsite restaurant, Sonoma'z boasts an extensive wine list and exquisite dishes made only with the freshest ingredients.

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