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SchoolMessenger FAQs

Reliable and prompt emergency messaging is key for us as a district to reach parents and guardians of our students during critical incidents. Parents and guardians present many questions regarding our messaging system, so we’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions to share with you. If you have additional questions, please see the contact information at the end of the list.

How do I update my emergency contact information?

You can begin by logging into Infinite Campus Parent Portal ( and click on Contact Preferences in the left hand column. If you see an incorrect phone number listed, please contact the registrar of your student’s school to request an update in the Infinite Campus system.
In addition, if you change your phone number, address, email address or household information, also take time to inform your school registrar of that information change.

Your system says my email was delivered, but I don’t see it in my inbox. What happened to the message?

Email should never be considered a primary source for emergency notifications, as many factors can affect the length of time between the message being sent and your mail inbox receiving that message. This is why our primary notification channel is voice/phone; email provides a supplementary channel of notification.

If the district distributes 60,000+ emails at one time for an incident, you can imagine a vast majority of those messages are hitting Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other major emailproviders at the same time. This can trigger a spam/bulk email detection flag by those email servers, thus preventing immediate delivery to your inbox. Some email providers (namely Earthlink in our experiences) allow their users to prevent non-approved senders from contacting their accounts, automated without any notification to the mailbox owner of what has been blocked.


To ensure the most efficient delivery of DCSD communications, you should add the communications[at]dcsdk12[dot]org address as an approved sender to your email account. If you are using a corporate or organization email address (ie. your company email address), be sure to check with your IT department and mail administrator(s) to request the communications[at]dcsdk12[dot]org address is whitelisted for your system.


For instructions on how to whitelist / add approved senders with the following major email providers, please visit the Support page for your provider OR contact their support and request instruction on how to add communications[at]dcsdk12[dot]org to your approved senders/whitelist. Due to inaccessibility to these various systems, we are unable to provide assistance with this process; you’ll receive the best support directly from your mail provider.

No phone # available
Helpful Hint: Ensure DCSD is not on your blocked senders list, and add communication[at]dcsdk12[dot]org as a contact in your address book to establish the address as an approved sender.
1-800-XFINITY (800-934-6489)
1-888-EARTHLINK (888-327-8454)

What phone number will my caller ID show when I get calls?

When you receive a communication from our district SchoolMessenger system, the number displayed on your caller ID will depend on the type of message you are being sent. The two types of communications will be:

Standard Notifications (lunch balance, event reminders, general communications) 877-279-4061
Suggest that you add this number to your contacts as 'DCSD Non-Emergency'

Emergency Notifications (critical communications) 855-695-9448
Suggest that you add this number to your contacts with the label 'DCSD Emergency'

Initially, we launched our service with one general number for all types of communication. We appreciate the feedback which indicated we should discern between the two types of communications; therefore, the additional number was added to ensure that when you receive Emergency notifications, they are recognized as such.


If I change my contact information (phone number, email address), how long does it take until that change is in effect?

Our district emergency contacts sync four times daily with our emergency messenger system: 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 4PM.
Example: If we sent an emergency notification at 2:30PM, it would include any contact information changes made up until 12PM earlier that day. If you had changed your phone number at 1:30PM, the message would still be delivered to the number that was on file at 12PM.

I received a phone call and email, but no text message showed up on my phone.

First, you'll want to ensure that you have Text (SMS) marked in your Parent Portal ( Contact Preferences. Log into Parent Portal, click on Contact Preferences in the left column, then ensure that you have a checkmark for Text SMS for mobile phone numbers where you'd like to get text messages.
If you do NOT have it checkmarked, then be sure to checkmark the Text SMS box for the types of communications you wish to receive via text. When our SchoolMessenger system receives updates from Parent Portal (at 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 4PM), you should receive an OPT-IN text message. IMPORTANT - You NEED to reply back to that opt-in message with a Y (for Yes). You should then receive another message verifying that you are now opted in for text messages.
If you DO have Text SMS marked already and you don't recall if you had ever received an opt-in message, send a text message to 68453 with only a Y in the message. You should receive an opt-in verification almost immediately.
Should you perform these steps and you still have no luck getting text replies from our SchoolMessenger system, please contact your mobile provider for more assistance, as we have no control of the message once it leaves the SchoolMessenger servers.

I need to listen to the call/message again; how can I listen to it again?

In the rush of listening to an emergency notification, you may want to revisit the message and details included in the call. To do so, simply call back to the number that the emergency call originated from - in our instance, 877-279-4061. You will need to do so from a phone number that received the message. The messenger system will detect the number you are calling from, match it with an emergency contact in the system, and can play back the last 30 days of emergency calls that have been sent to your number, starting with the newest message first.

I received a phone call/email from your district and I don’t have any students in your district, so I shouldn’t receive any of these notifications. How can I get removed from your list?

Should you be receiving phone calls or emails intended for our parents/guardians and you have no connection whatsoever, please contact our IT Support Center at 303-387-0001 and provide the phone number and/or email address that is receiving the errant messages.  We will research the student that your information is linked to and follow up with the registrar of that student’s school to work on correction of that emergency contact record.

I didn’t press “1” during a phone message to acknowledge that I received the test call. Does that mean my phone number is going to be removed from the emergency contact system since I didn’t verify that I received the call?

Absolutely not. As part of our test calls, we request the acknowledgement for reporting purposes; it improves our tracking of the success rate of our system. If you didn’t press “1” during the call, do not be alarmed. As long as you received the call (even if it went to your answering machine or voicemail), be assured that you will continue to receive notifications to the number(s) on file.

My answering machine/voicemail received the call; I wasn’t able to acknowledge the call. Is that an issue?

Similar to the earlier question about acknowledging the call, your number is not removed as an emergency contact if you weren’t able to press “1” during the live call. Once again, your contact information will not change moving forward for future notifications, even if you didn’t press “1” to acknowledge the call.

Why am I not seeing some of the emergency notifications within my Campus Portal account?

The emergency messages sent by the district no longer originate directly from Infinite Campus; as a result, the Campus Portal does not provide a copy of messages in the Portal Inbox. To retrieve emergency call archives, call 877-279-4061 from a phone number that is registered as an emergency contact and receives emergency calls. The messenger system will detect your phone number, link your phone number to a student’s emergency contact, and 30 days of relevant emergency message archives can be replayed.

I received the voice call on my home phone later than my mobile phone. Should I be concerned?

No. Given that an emergency communication in the event of a true emergency would likely occur during School Hours, the Douglas County School District has elected to use the mobile phone on file as the primary emergency contact number, and therefore calls mobiles first.   The mobile phone is more likely to be with a parent wherever they are and therefore is the primary contact method we will use.
It is also key to understand that once the communication leaves the Emergency Communication System, many factors can impact how quickly the message is received.  This includes available wireless signal on mobile phones, congestion on any phone system\network, or as mentioned earlier filters and diagnostics on email messages that are sent in bulk.  These are all factors that are outside the control of the Douglas County School District, and we are working with an emergency communication provider that uses best practices and industry leading technology to reduce delay in delivery.

I did not answer the call when it came in, and did not hear a voice mail message. What happened?

We have encountered instances where your voice mail greeting, if beginning with "Hello", may confuse the messenger system into thinking that it has reached a live individual. When this happens, if your voice mail greeting is longer than the emergency message, then messenger system will recognize that it has played back the full emergency message and will not leave the emergency message on your voice mail. If you also use a music service that plays a song prior to the call ringing to your phone, this can create the same issue.


Should none of these Q&A sections answer your particular questions, please contact the IT Support Center (303-387-0001) and we’ll be happy to assist in whatever way possible to ensure you receive emergency notifications accurately and quickly.