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Google Apps for Education

DCSD’s Google Apps for Education complies with legal requirements for safety and security.  If for any reason you would like to opt your student out of these services, please contact your school’s administrator. If you have questions about which Apps for Education will be offered at your student’s school and why, we encourage you to visit your school’s website or contact your school's administrator.

Douglas County School District provides students access to Google Apps for Education.   Apps for Education includes a suite of web-based programs providing email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, calendaring, research, and collaboration tools for all DCSD students and teachers. The effective use of these tools will help prepare and engage our 21st century learners.

We believe that the tools provided by the Apps for Education suite neatly align with international standards for technology integration as well as with our own Board of Education End Statements. While a full suite of tools will be available for all DCSD schools, each school will determine which specific ones are most appropriate for their individual educational setting (see your school’s website for details).

Apps for Education runs on an Internet domain purchased and owned by Douglas County School District and is intended for educational use only. As a cloud-based suite, Apps for Education will be available at school and at home via the web.

Even though a strict content filter will be in place while students are in school (and an email filter is in place at all times), there is always a chance students could be exposed to inappropriate content. School staff will monitor students’ use of Apps when students are at school. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of Apps when accessing programs from home. Students are responsible for their own behavior at all times and their strict adherence to DCSD’s Code of Conduct is expected.

Because Douglas County School District is providing these services, we want to make you aware of some of the safety and educational features Google Apps for Education provide:

  • Parents will have access to their student’s Google Apps account (login information will be available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal).
  • Google Apps can include various services, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Groups,  and Google+ (high school level only). Each school will choose which tools best suit their educational goals; please contact your school directly with questions regarding the access provided for that location.

The following safety features will be in place:

  • Filters to block SPAM, viruses, and inappropriate content
  • A default "walled garden" approach to email at elementary and middle school levels which prevents external email except for vetted educational resources which meet strict educational and age-based privacy guidelines. Please note - sites may request this feature to be turned off; please contact your student's site if questions regarding their use of walled garden email settings.
  • Parent and administrator ability to review all student e-mails